When it comes to Halloween monsters, there is one that rises above the fray. Considering that he's technically a monster and a killer, this guy is actually pretty smooth. Yes, he's charming. And yes, he can be quite persuasive, sly and manipulative. This handsome and debonair sweet talker is, of course, the Vampire. What is it about this guy that makes it so easy for him to lure his victims into his lair? There certainly seems to be no shortage of oblivious targets available for him. In fact, frequently the Vampire's victims make his hunt all too easy. Watch out for all that charisma; however—it can be downright deadly. Vampires, for all their charm, aren't playing games. Their mission is a blood sport.

Hundreds of Years of History. The idea of a vampire actually began in about the 15th century. People that lived during this time were not educated or knowledgeable about most things. Without a basic education, folks tended to rely on myths, legends, and (somewhat crazy) stories to explain away the things they did not understand. One of the most frightening things to these people of long ago was death, particularly a death that occurred inexplicably. If someone died suddenly without a reason they could understand, it became all too easy to blame it on a nocturnal, blood-sucking creature. The Vampire was born.

The Novel That Changed It All. In the late 1800s, Bram Stoker became fascinated with and spent quite a bit of time researching the historic folklore surrounding these ancient vampire creatures. The character of Count Dracula and the book, "Dracula" was an outcropping of this study. The Count Dracula character seems to be a result of Mr. Stoker's great imagination as the Count himself really has few personality traits in common with the ancient lore, aside from the all-blood diet. From this point in history, the persona of the Vampire changed. No longer a rabid, bumbling, beastly monster—the Vampire now had a certain degree of class.

The Modern Vampire. Today's Hollywood vampires have evolved even further. A vampire can literally be anyone—the kid next door, the woman that sits next to you on a train, or even someone at your place of work. These new vampires have made it a tricky business to identify them—but this only seems to add to their mystery. Today's vampires have also been known to have feelings and emotions and sometimes fall in love—now what kind of Halloween monster is this?

Halloween All-Star. No matter what style of vampire interests you, this beloved Halloween character is always going to be a classic. These days there is nary a Halloween without droves of vampire wannabes out trick or treating or making a grand entrance at a Halloween party. These caped creatures, fangs dripping in fake blood, are an obvious Halloween staple. Without a doubt, the Vampire will always be a Halloween fan favorite. The Vampire truly is love at first bite.