Well, it's finally here - New Years Eve, the last day of 2008! All the holidays for this year have come and gone and I've had so much fun giving my expert opinion, well maybe not so much 'expert' but more along the lines of 'from one mom, wife, aunt, daughter to another'. I hope you enjoyed reading my blogs as much as I enjoyed writing them. Now, we're on to bigger and better things for 2009! HalloweenExpress.com will have more great costumes, assessories, makeup, decorations, props, etc... - I think you get the picture! And with that in mind, don't forget to check out all our great Valentine's Day costumes, President's Dayᅠcostumesᅠand Mardi Gras costumes. It's never too early to find that one perfect costume for any holiday! See you next year!