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Heading To Class Channeling Your Inner Superhero For Back To School

Jenna Maxwell Aug 22nd 2017

When it comes to heading back to school, this time of the year brings a lot of mixed emotions for parents and kids alike. Kids are often very excited to get back to school so they can see their friends while getting some groovy new gear to make the campus trek in style. Parents are often desperate to get into the routines that the school year provides, but often feel a bit of sadness over losing some of the lazy, carefree vibes that summer brings. Back to school can be an enjoyable and exciting transition for the entire family, particularly when made more fun by using some of your kid's favorite characters as extra motivation.

Back to Class Gear: There is nothing like showing up to class on the first day of school with some amazing new gear to show off to your buddies. These days your kid's favorite characters are emblazoned on everything from shirts and hoodies to lunch boxes and pencils. Why go back to school like an ordinary kid when you can go back to class looking a little like Batman or Superman? Your child is going to be ten times more excited to make his grand entrance on the schoolyard if he is geared up like one of his favorite characters or carrying a backpack filled with gentle reminders of his or her playtime fun. Let's face it, even homework can be made more exciting when you have a few new, fun school supplies. Do your kids love superheroes? Then you have to check out our t-shirt costumes. These simple shirts are embellished with the insignia of some of the most popular superheroes out there--and in many cases, they come with detachable capes. These ultra cool shirts make great back to school gear--and are playtime ready after school when the cape can be easily reattached so your little hero can go back into action! /p>

Back to Class with a Hero's Attitude: Every kid knows that superheroes must adhere to a very rigorous code of conduct. Motivating your kids to emulate the qualities he or she most admires in his favorite superheroes can quickly be put to use for some back to school inspiration. For example, here is a list of some of the things that superheroes as well as kids going back to school should try to do!

  • Always do your best.
  • Be Kind and Helpful.
  • Follow Directions.
  • Say Please and Thank You.
  • Be a Team Player.
  • Be Responsible
  • Don't Be Afraid of Hard or New Things.
  • Dream Big!

There are also a lot of great words that you can use to not only correctly describe your child's favorite superheroes but are also are useful for kids that are on their way back to school! These vocabulary words are perfect to have on the tip of your tongue when you are trying to instill a little extra mojo into to your school-bound youngster. Superheroes and kids can be:

  • Brave
  • A Champion
  • A Role model
  • Genius
  • Courageous
  • Daring
  • A Leader
  • A Winner
  • An Achiever

Back to School is a time of change that at times can also be very stressful. A positive attitude can make a big difference when it comes to tackling fear or anxiety that may be happening as a result of the upcoming new school year. Setting your child up for a superhero style school year by using his favorite characters as role models will get everyone off to a great start.