Everyone seems to love superheroes, and when it comes to dressing up for Halloween, superheroes are always a popular choice. It's no wonder, really--superheroes have an amazing assortment of unique powers and abilities using everything from brains to brawn. Additionally, superheroes are by definition, heroic. They are often there in order to "save the day" when all else has failed and also seem to have an innate ability to show up just in the nick of time to do something miraculous, usually when all other hope is lost.

One of the most favorite superheroes of all time is Batman. No matter what you choose to call him-- Batman, The Masked Manhunter, The Caped Crusader or even The Dark Knight; Batman has been around for a very long time, always keeping law in order present and accounted for in his beloved Gotham City.

If you are a girl wanting to get in on all the Bat-action we've designed a Batgirl makeup look that is the perfect accompaniment to many of our exciting Batgirl costumes. This makeup look is easy to create and will give you the appearance of a mask, without having to actually wear one. Dark, dramatic and very batty--this makeup will help you to bring your best Batgirl look straight from the Bat Cave right into your next Halloween party!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One: Using the yellow color found in Mehron's Paradise (Basic) Palette and a damp sponge, add a little water to the color and load the sponge with face paint. Apply the yellow color to the entire face avoiding the eye area; stop the color at the top of the forehead and the bottom of the chin.

Step Two: Using a clean sponge applicator and the white color found in the same Basic Palette, add a little water to the paint and apply the white to the eyelids and below the eyes so the white color encircles the entire eye area.

Step Three: Using a thin brush, add a little water to the black color in the Basic Palette and paint a small circle in the center of the forehead, creating a bat head. Add an oval (bat body) shape that comes to a point in the center of your nose. Add small pointed ears on the sides of the bat head.

Step Four: After finishing the bat body, using the same black paint, paint a line from the top of the bat body up to the side of the forehead, and then down the side of the face, about 3/4 of the way down the face. Repeat this step on the other side. Continue to add small amounts of water to the paint to keep in thinned enough to paint smoothly but never add so much water that the paint becomes runny or drippy.

Step Five: Draw 3 swoops from the bat body to the outer lower batwing in order to finish the outside line. Encircle the eyes with a black line around the white area. From this point, you can use a thicker brush and fill in the bat wing mask entirely with black paint!

Holy... BATGIRL! That's it! Your amazing batgirl make up look is complete.