Creating a Quirky Beetlejuice Costume Look

What comes to mind when you think of Tim Burton's legendary character, Beetlejuice? In addition to being obviously dead, Beetlejuice is very bizarre, unique and decidedly more than a little bit weird. Even some 27 years later, the character lovingly known as Beetlejuice remains a long-standing Halloween favorite. People love to dress up as Beetlejuice! What is it that folks love about this audacious ghost with the most? We think it's the juxtaposition of Beetlejuice's rather eccentric and gnarly appearance combined with a rather sassy and hilarious attitude. Beetlejuice lookalikes may be haunting Halloween parties for a long time to come.

If you want to create a simple but dramatic Beetlejuice makeup look, follow our easy, step-by-step instructions. Before you know it, you will make the transformation without even having to say, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Begin with a clean, dry face. Use a wig cap to (#FW92045) cover your natural hair and keep it out of the way. Put on the Beetlejuice wig (# RU51738) and position it into place. To create a more natural look, we have used a little spirit gum (#DD17) to hold the latex edge firmly into place. To create a more natural appearance at the line of demarcation where the mask and forehead meet, you can apply some liquid latex (#CSSL001C) along the edge of the mask and let dry thoroughly.

Step Two:  While you have the liquid latex out, why not apply some texture to the face? You can put liquid latex anywhere you want to appear bumpy once the makeup is applied. (This is a really cool effect for a character that should look a little decomposed!) We have applied the latex around the edges of the face, around the mouth and applied a little bit on the neck. Let the liquid latex dry completely! If you are in a hurry, you can use a hair dryer set on the low setting to hurry along the process.

Step Three:  While the latex is drying, this is a great time to apply the makeup around the eyes. To black out our Beetlejuice's eyes, we have used two colors of Mehron's EYE Cream. (#DD107) Begin with a purple shade and apply this color completely around the eye socket area. Darken the purple by using the black shade of EYE Cream on top of the purple. Blend in the two colors to create the desired effect. Apply a little bit of setting powder (#DD321) on top of this to set the eye makeup and prevent smudging.

Step Four:  Once the liquid latex is completely dry, apply a base makeup color. We have used Mehron's Fantasy Fx makeup in the Zombie Flesh color. (#DD485) Apply this color to the entire face, neck and on the flesh latex area of your mask. Use a gentle touch when going over your latex areas. Blend well and apply the makeup to the desired opacity.

Step Five:  Using a stipple sponge (#CSMS090), stipple shades of green (#DD106) and black (#CSCC038C) cream makeup on the areas that you have applied latex to give these areas more emphasis and texture. Use the black cream makeup and a stipple sponge to give your chin a five o clock shadow. Using a sponge applicator and the black cream makeup, (#CSCC038C) contour the face as desired. We have used the black color around the sides of the face, at the edge of the mask at the hairline, under the cheekbones, under the chin, under the lower lip and one the sides of the nose. Blend the contour color in carefully.

Step Six:  Using black lipstick, (#FW9551) apply color to the inside of the lips.

Step Seven:  Using a sharpened Jumbo Black Liner Pencil (#DD280), pencil in the wrinkle lines that are on the latex flesh area of the mask for emphasis. Blend with a q-tip if desired.

Step Eight:  Apply Zombie Dirt (#FW9618) to the textured areas of the face, or apply the Zombie Dirt to any area you wish to add a dirty "fresh from the ground" appearance.

Step Nine:  Apply Colorset Powder (#DD321) to the entire face, neck and mask area to set the makeup and prevent smudging.

Step Ten:  To create the look of severely rotted teeth, we have used a product designed specifically for this purpose, Tooth Fx in the black color. (#DD220) The product adheres best to dry teeth, so wiping your teeth with a cloth or a paper towel will help the product to adhere better. Apply as much of the color as you like--it comes off easily with normal tooth brushing.

By now, you've completely transformed your face from normal, ordinary humanoid to everyone's favorite ghost with the most, Beetlejuice! Now it's time to get into your best Beetlejuice costume. For our Beetlejuice look, we have used the Men's Beetlejuice costume (#RU888736) and accessorized this costume look with a pair of super creepy looking Zombie Flesh hands. (#TB25306) Yikes! This Beetlejuice is legit!