How To Create a Bernie Sanders Costume Look

Some might argue that Bernie Sanders began a bit of a political revolution. A candidate for the 2016 Presidency, Bernie Sanders focused his campaign on the issues of raising wages, protecting the environment, healthcare for all, and improving access to higher education. Because his message resonated so strongly with his proponents, Bernie’s fans have become well known for their ardent and passionate support. “Feel the Bern!” became the battle cry of Bernie Sander’s supporters throughout the nation. Whether or not Bernie will make it into the White House is debatable, but one thing is for sure--you can certainly dress up like him for Halloween. We have put together a clever DIY costume look inspired by Bernie Sanders. With a few carefully selected accessories and a bit of makeup--you can easily create the look of one of this year’s most famous politicians.

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Makeup: Although you don’t have to use makeup to create your “Bernie” costume look, this step may add a more authentic, aged look to your persona. Here are the makeup techniques we used to age our model and create the look of a more mature man.

Step One: Apply a foundation evenly to the face with a damp sponge. We have used Mehron Light Beige (#DD411) to accomplish this, but you will want to try and match your own skin tone as closely as possible.

Step Two: To create the look of old age, we will be applying contours and wrinkles to the face with makeup. The Old Age Stack makeup kit (#CSCC013) has all the colors you will need to create these amazing special effects. Begin with the medium tan color and a small brush. Apply the color to areas you would expect to see shadows or wrinkles on the face. Areas to focus on include, under the eyes, the frown lines, the forehead lines, the crow’s feet around the eyes, the area under the lower lip, etc. The easiest way to find the right place to put the shadow color is to scrunch up your face in that area and apply the color in your own natural crease. Continue in this manner until you have applied the contour shade to all the areas of your face you wish to shade.

Step Three: Highlighting the contours and wrinkles is the crucial next step. Highlighting the shaded areas will emphasize the darkness, even more, deepening the shadow, while at the same time adding a bit of highlight to the adjacent area that you want to stand out a little bit. The easiest thing to do is to take the highlight color (the light yellow shade that comes in the Old Age Stack) and apply it with a small brush just below every area that you have applied a contour or wrinkle line. Don’t worry if it looks a little harsh at first--you can blend this in later to soften it up. Continue to apply the highlight shade throughout the face until you’ve highlighted all shadows and wrinkles.

Step Four: Using the pink color in the Old Age Stack (if desired) and a cosmetic sponge, apply a little of the rosy color to the cheeks. Older folks tend to have a lot of redness in their face. Use this color sparingly at first and continue until you get the desired effect. You don’t want Bernie to look like he is wearing makeup so use a light touch!

Step Five: Using the darkest color in the Old Age stack or a brown eye pencil, enhance and deepen a few of the main facial wrinkles and lines, for example, the smile lines and some of the forehead lines.

Step Six: Using a fluffy brush and some setting powder (#DD321) dust the entire face to set the makeup.

Clothing & Accessories: To put together a fantastic Bernie Sanders look, we’ve put together a classic ensemble that is super easy for you to recreate. Consider some or all of the following pieces for your Bernie Sanders look:

  • A White Old Man Wig (we have used Bald Comb over Wig #LW445)
  • Wire-rimmed glasses (we have used Glasses #BB297)
  • A Light Blue Button Down Shirt
  • A Navy Blue Suit & Tie

Whether you love his politics or not, you will have to admit that Bernie Sanders is a memorable character that has put a lot of energy into today’s political world. A Bernie Sanders costume look is not only timely and significant but is sure to add some humor as well as political fervor to your next Halloween party!