Creating a Costume Look inspired by Cersei Lannister

Are you a fan of HBO's Game of Thrones? What better way to display your Game of Thrones passion than by recreating a costume look based on one of your favorite Game of Thrones characters? We've put together some very simple instructions for creating a costume look inspired by one of the Game of Thrones characters we love to hate, Cersei Lannister. In addition to her ruthlessness, Cersei is also quite funny, with a cutting and quick sense of humor. Creating Cersei's look is easy. With a few makeup and costume items found at Halloween Express you will have Cersei's look complete before you can say Iron Throne.

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Using the concealer wheel, (#DD174) select an appropriate shade that matches your skin tone and use this product to cover up any skin imperfections, redness or dark circles. Cersei is evil, but she is very beautiful and we want her skin to look as flawless as possible.

Step Two:  Next, using a damp sponge, apply foundation to the face, blending well. We have used Celebre Light Beige, (#DD411) but you will want to match your own skin tone as closely as possible for the most natural and flawless look. After the foundation has been blended in very well, dust the face with setting powder to set the makeup and create a perfect finish. (#DD321)

Step Three:  Using Mehron's EYE Cream in Creamy Beige (#DD342), blend this color in well onto the eyelid. Next, using EYE Cream in Chestnut Brown (#DD343), contour on the outer edges and crease of the eyelid. Blend this color in with a sponge tip applicator or an eye shadow blending brush.

Step Four:  Using a sharpened Dark Brown eye pencil, (#DE01) line along the upper lash line. Try to keep the line fairly thin as Cersei's look is quite natural and doesn't require harsh eye makeup. Line lightly under the lower lash line with this same pencil.

Step Five:  Using the same eye pencil as in step four, fill in the eyebrows as needed. Cersei has very expressive and bold eyebrows so you will want to make sure you give them proper emphasis!

Step Six:  Using eye lash glue, apply a natural looking pair of false eyelashes (#EA84) along the upper lash line. This will make the eyes stand out and look bigger without being overly made up.

Step Seven:  Using a damp sponge, apply Cheek Color in Bronze (#DD145) to the cheeks, blending the color in slightly below the cheekbones in order to contour the face.

Step Eight:  Brush LIP Cream in Natural (#DD103) onto the lips which will give them a bit of a berry stained color that suits the nude makeup look that Cersei prefers.

Step Nine:  In order to get great results using a costume wig, here are a few pointers. First of all, for our Cersei Lannister look, we have used our Greek Goddess wig (#CC70636). It is best to wear a wig cap (#FW92045) underneath your costume wig to keep your natural hair out of the way and make putting on your costume wig easier. To reduce shine on the synthetic fibers of the wig, we applied a little bit of baby powder to the strands. A little goes a long way, so go easy on this! To help contain the curls and give the wig a more "Cersei-like" appearance, we divided the wig hair into smaller sections, twisting each section into a ringlet. Then we rolled up each twist into a pin curl, holding this in place with a hairpin. For best results, leave the "set" wig put up in the pin curls for several hours. When it's time to put your wig on, carefully remove the hairpins and gently unwind the pin curls. DO NOT BRUSH! Style the curls gently using your fingers.

Step Ten:  Now it's time to get into your costume. Although many of our Renaissance or Medieval style gowns would appeal to Cersei, we have chosen to dress our model in our Medieval Maiden Costume (#IC11013). We are certain that Cersei would approve of this sumptuous and dramatic full-length gown with matching headpiece. In Cersei's world, it's always all about her and this gown is a true showstopper. We have accessorized our Cersei look with a unique pendant necklace. (#FW8060)

Cersei Lannister. She's beautiful, but willful, ambitious, cunning and very selfish. And now, she can be at your next Halloween party!