Creating a Christmas Elf Costume Look

Most everyone is familiar with Santa Claus' Elves. These largely underrated North Pole characters really play a very important role at Christmastime, and because of this should probably get much more recognition than they actually do! According to Christmas tradition, Santa's Elves are not only his right hand helpers, but they also are thought to be largely responsible for the making of all the Christmas toys that Santa delivers on Christmas Eve!

Elves traditionally are small and short of stature, but nowadays, thanks to holiday feature films such as "Elf" and others like it, these whimsical Christmas helpers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With Elves being an important part of Christmas legend and folklore, you may have a lot of fun creating an Elf look of your very own during the Christmas season. Whether your Elf character is going to a party on his own, or will be a clever sidekick to a spirited Santa Claus, the Elf is the perfect persona to get everyone into a really jolly holiday mood. Our Elf look is surprisingly easy to create with a few prosthetics and makeup items found at Halloween Express. By following our easy to do, step-by-step instructions, you will be able to transform your face into a magical Elf look quite simply!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Glue on the Ear Tips. (#RU2221) This is easily accomplished using Spirit Gum (#DD237). First brush the Spirit Gum onto the areas of your ears that will be covered by the ear tips. Allow the Spirit Gum to get sticky before attempting to adhere the tips; about 30 seconds should suffice. Place the ear tips onto the ears and press gently.

Step Two:  Glue on the Elf Nose. (#FA51) Make sure the air holes have been removed from your prosthetic nose. Before you apply glue to the piece, place it over your nose to see if you need to trim a little bit off the edges. You will want to make sure that the piece is not too close to the eyes. Trim off any excess with sharp scissors but make sure you still leave enough edge on the prosthetic to glue the nose down flat. Apply Spirit Gum to the edges only of the prosthetic nose. Allow the glue to begin to set up; about 30 seconds. Apply the nose carefully to the face and smooth down the edges.

Step Three:  If desired, you can fill in the area between the edge of the prosthetic nose and the face with a little liquid latex. This will create a more natural look with less of a discernable edge after the make up is put on. Using the flesh tone liquid latex (#DD534) brush on the product at the seam, feathering it lightly out toward the face. You don't need to use much! Let dry.

Step Four:  Once the glue and latex have dried sufficiently, you will need to apply a foundation to the face and ears to make them all look one uniform color. We have used Mehron's foundation in Fair Female, (#DD05) but you will want to choose a color that most closely matches your natural skin tone for best results. Cover the entire face, including the prosthetics with the foundation. Carefully hold the prosthetics with your fingers while applying the makeup so that you don't dislodge them accidentally.

Step Five:  Using Mehron's Cheek color in Rosy Red (#DD142), blend in this red color onto the apples of the cheeks and the tip and a little bit of the sides of the elf nose.

Step Six:  Apply Mehron's Detailz Liner Pen in black, (#DD509) line the upper lid to give the eyes more dimension and to make them stand out.

Step Seven:  Using a small brush and Shadoliner in Chestnut (#DD343), fill in the eyebrows.

Step Eight:  Dust the entire face with Colorset Powder (#DD321) to set the makeup and to prevent smudging.

Now it's time to get your Elf costume on and get ready to head to the North Pole (or your local Christmas party!) Have fun creating this amazing Christmas look that is sure to add some Christmas magic to your holiday season!