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How To Create A Cowgirl Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating an All-American Cowgirl Look

The cowboy is a legendary historical figure and an integral part of the All-American West. The traditional American cowboy's history began in the later part of the 19th century and continues to be important even now in our modern day. The cowboy was most often associated with herding and caring for cattle, but cowboys have also been known to wrangle with horses and participate in a wide variety of the events associated with rodeo competition. Cowgirls, quite simply, are no different than cowboys other than being female. Long considered a rugged and resilient character with a brave and hearty demeanor, the cowgirl will always be considered not only a western original, but also an All-American favorite. If you want to create a great cowgirl costume look for Halloween or any other occasion, you've come to the right place. Follow our simple to do instructions and before you know it, you will be nearly ready for your first rodeo.


Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Begin with a clean and dry face. Using a damp sponge applicator, apply foundation to the face, blending well. You will want to use a color that matches your own skin tone closely for the most natural look. We have used Lt. Beige Blush by Celebre. (#DD411)

Step Two:  Apply Creamy Beige E.Y.E. Cream (#DD342) to the eyelids with a sponge tip applicator. Blend in well.

Step Three:  Using Shado-liner in a sassy light blue color (#DD122), apply this color to the lower eyelids, blending in well.

Step Four:  Using a black eye liner pencil (#DE01), line the upper eyelids with a strong line, extending the line slightly past the corner of the eye.

Step Five:  To add drama and flirty flair to your eye makeup look, apply false eyelashes (#EA84). Apply eyelash glue along the edge of the lash and gently press the lash along the upper lash line.

Step Six:  For a cute and eye-opening effect, draw on a few lower lashes at the corner of the eyes using Mehron's Detailz Liner Pen in black. (#DD509)

Step Seven:  Using a damp sponge applicator or your fingertips, apply Cheek Cream in Geranium (#DD141) to the apples of the cheeks. Blend this in well.

Step Eight:  Using a very sharp dark brown eye pencil (#DE01), dot a few freckles along the bridge of the nose and the upper cheeks. Apply the freckles in a completely random pattern, just as nature would do it. Remember not to go to crazy with adding freckles--you can always add more later if desired.

Step Nine:  Using a setting powder (#DD321) and a fluffy brush, lightly dust the face with powder to set the makeup.

Step Ten:  Apply LIP cream to the lips. We have used Cotton Candy (#DD103) for a very down to earth, natural look, but you can use any color that you desire, even a bright red if you want a bolder look! Finish the lips off with some shiny clear gloss. (#DD366)

Now it's time to giddy up and get into your favorite Cowgirl costume look! We have chosen the Women's Sherriff costume (#FW121104) to dress up our purty little filly. This look comes complete with a convenient strap that holds three shot glasses, a Sherriff's badge and a matching cowboy hat. We have accessorized our cowgirl look with sexy Cowgirl boots (#HA128) and a Western Cap Gun (#BF49).

Raising a little bit of a ruckus at your next party with our fabulous Cowgirl look is easy! Now that's something to really get fired up about!