The Zombie is a traditional horror film character and Halloween costume favorite. In recent days, a resurgence of Zombie thrillers in the theatres has created a new interest in this character rich in tradition. The idea of the Zombie actually originated in Haiti as part of the Voodoo religion. According to believers, a special Witch doctor can perform a type of black magic on a dead person soon after they have become deceased, thus bringing them back to life. Once revived however, the person is no longer as he was in life. The zombie is void of all consciousness and is now in a trance-like state, seemingly almost hypnotized with apparent evil designs at hand, seeking to devour human flesh.

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look:

Step One: Apply Zombie Flesh (Product #FW9435) wherever you want to add texture or a cracked effect to the skin. You can apply it as thick or thin as you like but the most important thing to remember is that this product needs to be 100% dry before applying makeup on top of it.

Step Two: Using a damp sponge (Product #DD193) Apply Mehron’s Fantasy FX Makeup in the Zombie Flesh color (Product #DD485), covering the entire face and the neck area if desired.

Step Three: With a sponge tip applicator, apply Mehron’s Shadow Liner in Smokey Taupe on the eyelids. Encircle the eyes top and bottom with this color in order to give them a deep sunken-in look.

Step Four: Using Mehron’s E.Y.E. Cream in black (Product #DD107), darken the eyelids and line under the eyes with a small brush or q-tip applicator.

Step Five: Using a dry sponge applicator, dab a small amount of Mehron’s E.Y.E. Cream in black to create a shadow under where you will create wounds or the appearance of oozing flesh. Keep this fairly light.

Step Six: Go over the black, sponged areas with a sponge applicator and L.I.P. Color Cream in Apple Red (Product #DD103), creating a broken flesh appearance.

Step Seven: Using Blood Capsules (Product #9490), cut open the capsule with scissors and apply the blood to a q-tip; drizzle the blood around the wounded areas. It will drip a little so don’t go too heavy at first. You can always add more if necessary.

Step Eight: Using Mehron’s Tooth FX in Nicotine (Product #DD222), brush the Tooth FX on the teeth until your teeth have the desired effect. Go over this again using the Tooth FX in Black (Product #DD220) for a truly grotesque, rotten teeth appearance.

Now it’s time to very carefully put on your Zombie costume and get ready to scare all your friends with your fabulous new creepy Zombie look! Happy Halloween!