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How To Create A Cruella De Vil Costume Makeup Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Cruella De Vil Costume Look

When it comes to utterly wicked Disney villains, who can even touch Cruella De Vil? Cruella truly is the embodiment of her name, which is the clever juxtaposition of the words "cruel" and "devil." Indeed, if ever there were a cruel devil, surely this outrageously vain miscreant qualifies! Cruella is selfish, heartless, cold and detached from anything that doesn't involve her self-centered pursuits. She also has the makings of a pretty amazing Halloween costume!

Creating an exciting and memorable Cruella De Vil makeup look is easy with a few simple makeup techniques. By following our easy step by step instructions, you will be able to transform yourself from your everyday civilian self into one of the most diabolical lowlifes to ever to come out of the great minds of Disney!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Apply concealer (#DD174) with a damp sponge to any dark circles under the eyes and blend in well.

Step Two:  Apply a foundation with a damp sponge. Choose a color that closely matches your natural skin tone for best results. Our model is wearing Celebre Light Beige. (#DD411)

Step Three:  For best results, apply an eye shadow primer to the eyelids to help prevent eye shadow creasing. Using EYE cream in green, (#DD107) brush this green shade onto the eyelids and gently blend.

Step Four:  Using EYE cream in black, (#DD107) deepen the shadow around the outer corner of the eyes and along the lash line. Blend the color in very well, creating a very deep, smoky eye look.

Step Five:  Using the Jumbo Pro Pencil in black, (#DD280) line along both the upper and lower lash lines.

Step Six:  Create a dramatic brow shape using a dark brown eye pencil. (#DE02) Try to keep the brow shape more angular as opposed to being curved, as this will create a harsher appearance to the face.

Step Seven:  The next step is to apply false eyelashes to the lash line. You will need to apply a thin strip of eyelash glue along the edge of the lash. Allow the glue to set up for a few seconds and then carefully place the lash along the lash line using your fingers or tweezers if that makes the application easier.

Step Eight:  Using a damp sponge applicator, and a very small amount of Rose Red Cheek Cream, (#DD142) blend the color onto the apples of the cheeks.

Step Nine:  Using a lip brush, brush LIP Cream in Apple Red (#DD142) onto the lips. Blot the color with a tissue to help prevent smudging.

Step Ten:  Lightly dust the makeup with Colorset Powder (#DD321) to set the makeup.

Now it's time to get dressed up in your favorite Cruella De Vil costume! Our model is wearing the Cruella Costume (#UADP85076) that comes complete with a black fur-trimmed dress and clear straps, a fur bolero and finally, a fur wrap. Our Cruella has completed her costume ensemble with black fishnet stockings, (#UA01) glittery shoes in black, (#HA122) long satin gloves in red, (#UA16) and a cigarette holder (#BB21).

Cruella is truly diabolical. If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will! And now she can be at your next Halloween party! Have fun dressing up in this spot-on look that recreates one of Disney's most notorious villains!