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How To Create A Deadpool Makeup Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

How To Create a Deadpool Makeup Look

Deadpool. He’s that unabashedly irreverent anti-hero that bounded into the movie scene from the Marvel Comics world--leaving audiences both entertained and frankly--even a little shocked. Not exactly a proper comic book hero, Deadpool is sassy, twisted and hilariously out of line. Perhaps we all fell a little bit in love with him--or maybe the film was just so obnoxious that it was hard not to find a certain level of insane joy just in the watching. If you want to bring a little Deadpool humor and fun into your next Halloween party by recreating his fantastic look--we couldn’t agree with your good sense more. The problem is--the mask. Who wants to be stuck wearing a hooded mask all night? And if you remove your mask, well--there goes your epic Deadpool persona. Our solution is a little easy to apply face paint. Follow our super easy, step-by-step instructions to create an awesome Deadpool look so you can ditch the mask!

 Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One: Begin your makeup look with a clean and dry face. For best results, your face should be free of facial hair. The entire Deadpool makeup look will be created using face paints from the Paradise Basic Palette. These face paints are water soluble, clean up very quickly and activate simply by adding a small amount of water. Begin with the white face paint from the Paradise Basic Palette, (#DD507) Using a small brush, add a little bit of water to the white face paint and load the brush with the paint. Paint the white color onto the upper eyelids stopping just below the eyebrows. With a skinny brush and same white face paint, paint a thin line just below the lower eyelashes.

Step Two: Using a white or skin-tone eyeliner pencil (#DD282) sketch on the areas around the eyes that you wish to paint black. You can skip this step if you feel brave and just freehand with the black, but keep in mind that it is a lot easier to fix the white liner than it is to repair black face paint. Once you have the pattern drawn onto the face to your satisfaction, then it’s time to paint the area around the eyes black. Once again, using a brush, add a little bit of water to the black face paint(#DD507) and load the brush with black. Taking care to stay within the pattern you’ve drawn, paint the area around the eyes, avoiding the parts you’ve already painted white.

Step Three: The final step is to paint the rest of your face and upper neck area with the red face paint (#DD507). You may want to try your costume on (carefully) so you can see how far down your neck you need to go with the red color. At this point, add a little bit of water to the red color and load a brush with the paint. You may want to use a larger brush than you did for the other areas just to save some time, as a larger brush will cover more area so you can work faster.

Now it’s time for the big moment--getting into your favorite Deadpool costume! You’ve worked very hard on all that makeup--so be careful when getting dressed, especially if your costume involves pulling something on over your head! For our featured Deadpool look, we have used the Men’s Deadpool Costume, (#RU810109) and accessorized this amazing get up with some of our mercenary’s most essential equipment--all found in the Deadpool Weapon Kit. (#36067)

Deadpool. He’s a somewhat unconventional, maniacal anti-hero seeking revenge on the man who ruined his life. But don’t let his mercenary ways fool you--his mission may be deadly, but his persona is still a whole lot of fun. Now we’ve unmasked a new, simple version of Deadpool, so he’s a whole lot easier to take to your next Halloween party. Now, costume fans--that’s what awesome looks like!