How To Create a Donald Trump Costume Look

Donald Trump. Billionaire. Reality Television Star. Successful Businessman. And now, Politician. There is no doubt--Donald Trump has turned the political world, as we know it, right on its ear. Considered a political outsider, Donald Trump’s message focuses on creating jobs through sensible trade deals, securing borders, and increased national security. Fed up with the political world’s status quo, the ideas of Donald Trump have resonated with throngs of excited followers. Donald Trump has created a media frenzy--and whether you love him or not, his persona is likely to be a popular favorite for Halloween dress up. Follow our complete step-by-step instructions to create a fantastic Donald Trump costume look that is sure to get a lot of attention!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Makeup: A little bit of makeup can go a long way in creating the look of Donald Trump. The following instructions will show you how to age your face a little bit and then demonstrate how to give yourself that famous Donald Trump healthy glow!

Step One: Begin your makeup look with a makeup foundation that closely matches your own skin tone or is a shade lighter. We have used Mehron Light Beige (#DD411) and blended the color in carefully with a dampened sponge applicator. Don’t forget to put makeup on your eyebrows and your lips!

Step Two: To create the look of old age, we have used the Old Age Stack makeup kit. (#CSCC013) Begin with the tan color and a narrow brush. Apply this color in the areas of the face that you wish to contour or “wrinkle.” Consider using the contour color around the sides of the face, along the sides of the nose, in the smile lines, in the forehead lines, on the chin, etc. An easy guide to wrinkle line application is to scrunch up your face and apply the color in your own natural wrinkle lines.

Step Three: Once you have finished contouring your face and applying wrinkles, it is important to highlight these areas so they stand out. This highlighting step is done with the lighter yellow color found in the Old Age Stack makeup kit. Apply the highlight color with a narrow brush, just underneath each line, wrinkle and the contoured areas you have created on the face. Donald tends to have very light skin just under his eyes, so carefully highlight this area as well.

Step Four: Using a brown eyeliner pencil, (#DE01) emphasize a few of the forehead wrinkles, the smile lines and the shadows around the eye/sides of the nose. Blend all the makeup in gently with a damp sponge.

Step Five: Using a bronzing powder called Texas Dirt (#DD01) we have given Donald his signature glowing tan. With a fluffy brush and a light touch, dust the entire face with the bronzing powder. A little goes a long way! Avoid applying the bronzing powder to the area immediately around the eyes.

Step Six: Once your makeup look is finished, it is crucial to use a setting powder to set the makeup. We have used a large powder brush and Colorset Powder (#DD321) to accomplish this.

Step Seven: After putting on a wig cap (#FW92045), consider using a White Color Hairspray (#DE15) to whiten the temple area that will show beneath your wig.

Clothing & Accessories: To put together a fantastic Donald Trump look, we’ve put together a classic ensemble that is super easy for you to recreate. Consider some or all of the following pieces for your Donald Trump look:

  • Wig (we have used the Billionaire Wig (#MR178136)
  • Black Suit (we have used the Secret Agent Black Suit Costume (#FW131394)
  • Red Tie
  • Flag lapel pin
  • Make America Great Again Hat

Donald Trump. He is one of the most memorable and vocal men to ever cross the political stage. Will he be the next President? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure; now he can be at your next Halloween party!