Creating a Fairy Princess Makeup Look

Throughout history and folklore, legends tell of small, winged beings known as fairies that held magical powers. Although the origins of fairies are largely unknown, tales surrounding these mystical creatures have been told and retold throughout the ages. Fairy tales are stories, usually about mythological and magical subjects and beings. These traditional tales are likely named after fairies because these legendary stories often featured fairies along with a cast of other magical characters, of course.

Fairies typically are diminutive, somewhat ethereal creatures that often historically possessed great beauty. Although considered to often possess magical powers, fairies have also been known to be somewhat mischievous and in some cases, have been known to have a fierce jealous streak. Other fairies have been known to have a loving, benevolent nature and have assisted humans in need, coming to their aid during times of trouble.

The fairy character is a very popular costume look when it comes to Halloween dress up. With so many beautiful fairy costumes to choose from, the fairy look can be a truly magical, fun and flattering costume choice. We've put together a fairy makeup look that is breathtakingly beautiful, with lots of sparkle and unique exotic flair. Although the look is striking and may appear to be somewhat complicated, the makeup is actually quite simple to apply. With a few simple tools and techniques in hand, you can get professional as well as eye-catching results that are going to really make heads turn!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Using our Fairy Eyes Makeup kit (#WFF01), assemble your supplies and begin with a clean and dry face. Starting with the blue color found in the kit and the sponge tip applicator also found in the makeup kit, apply the blue color up and away from the eyes and down the side of the face, creating an almost triangular shape. Let this dry for at least five minutes.

Step Two:  With the white makeup stick, draw a line beginning at the eyebrow, along the edge of the blue makeup. Swirl the end of the line into a curlicue. Draw another similar line at the lower edge of the blue makeup coming out and down from the eye, ending the line also with another curlicue that ends around the cheek area. Using the white stick, add three more lines coming out from the corner of the eye, and then add two or three more lines to fill in the space that is under the top swirled line. Add three tear drop shaped lines from the eyebrow to above the top swirl.

Step Three:  Using a twisting motion, add dots at random spots on your design to create interest as well as emphasis.

Step Four:  Using the blue makeup stick, line and shadow the eyelids, drawing the shadow line out from the eye to create a dramatic look. Trace carefully along the inside edges of the top and bottom curlicue lines. Trace carefully also around the tear drop shaped lines.

Step Five:  Using the black makeup stick, add more eyeliner on the upper lash line and also underneath the lower lash line if desired. Trace around the outside edges of the curlicue lines with the black stick as well. Trace around the lines between the swirls to give them definition, which creates a bit of a scalloped design at the same time.

Step Six:  Once all the makeup is applied, it is always a good idea to lightly powder your design in order to set the makeup to prevent smudging. We have used Colorset Powder (#DD321) to accomplish this in our demonstrated makeup look.

Step Seven:  To create a very special "fairy" sparkle on your look, gently pat glittery pixie dust over the makeup, on your forehead, cheeks and nose. (#FW9476)

Step Eight:  For a more dramatic look around the eyes, add some false eyelashes if desired. For our featured look, we used the Black Glitter eyelashes (#EA89).

Now it's time to get dressed in that perfect fairy costume! The costume featured in our video is Fairy costume (#RL5931), which comes complete with fiber optic lighting built into the skirt and also comes with a mesmerizing light-up fairy wand! Now that, our costume-loving friends, is pure fairy magic! Have fun while you cast a magical spell at your next Halloween party!