Creating a Frightful Ghoul Costume Look

Historically the ghoul is likely one of the oldest, not to mention one of the scariest monsters ever to hit legend as well as folklore. The ghoul has long been associated with all things evil or surrounding darkness or death. Folklore and literature from the Ancient Middle Eastern culture referenced these demonic beings, telling hideous tales of grave robbing, ultimate deceit and even cannibalism, all which add to the ghoul's notoriously creepy reputation. Ghouls have also been known to be sordid sorcerers, practicing a dark form of magic, taking on many different forms in order to do their evil bidding. From evil trickery to the consumption of both living and dead human flesh, this truly heinous being is not something you want to mess with--but he sure makes a great Halloween costume!

Creating the look of one of these most frightful undead characters is very easy with a few inexpensive makeup items found at Halloween Express. By following our simple step-by-step directions you can easily create a ghoul look that is frightening and scary in true Halloween tradition!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Our positively ghastly ghoul look was created exclusively by using the EZ Ghoul Makeup Kit found at Halloween Express. (EZ Makeup Ghoul Kit #CSEZMU005) Begin with a clean and dry face. First, using one of the makeup sponges found in the makeup kit, apply the "Dead Guy Gray" to the entire face and neck area, including the lips and ears if they will show in your costume. The makeup will be much easier to apply if your sponge applicator is slightly damp, but not wet.

Step Two:  The next step is to apply the "Undead Purple" to the area surrounding the eyes, including the eyelids up to the brow area as well as the hollow underneath the eyes. The easiest way to get this application just right is to use the natural eye socket as your guide and apply the makeup inside the area the eye socket bone encompasses. Blend in the purple color with a damp cosmetic sponge.

Step Three:  Add contours and shading to the face using the same "Undead Purple" color to the areas around the sides of the mouth, under the lower lip and any other place on your face you wish to add shadow or contour to, such as under the chin or underneath the jawbone. Don't forget to add some shadows to the neck area as well!

Step Four:  Using the small brush that comes inside of the makeup kit and the same purple makeup color, deepen the shadows and lines along the side of the nose, underneath the eyes and on top of the eyes. Line furrows in the brow bone, and along the sides of the nose, if desired.

Step Five:  Using the black makeup color next and the small brush, re-emphasize the dark lines around the eyes and nose.

Step Six:  Set your ghoulish makeup look with the setting powder that is included in the makeup kit. This powder can be applied with the puff that is included in the makeup kit and the excess can be wiped off gently by using a damp tissue.

Step Seven:  No ghoul in his right mind would sport natural, human colored hair, so you may want to consider using a colored hairspray in order to make your ghoulish look complete. We have used the white colored hairspray to further enhance the truly freaky, not to mention undead appearance of our shockingly evil looking ghoul! (#DE15)

Now it's time to get into your ghoulish gear and prepare to scare all your friends with your frightening new look! We have used the Grave Ghoul costume (#FW130514) to dress our ghoul perfectly for scary success. Our ghoul journeys on his way with a lighted skull lantern. (#FW91041) This makeup look is extremely versatile and will work for many other scary Halloween characters including zombies, vampires, ghosts and all manner of monstrous beings! Have fun dressing up as one of Halloween's most traditional characters!