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How To Create A Gothic Vampire Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Since the days of the ancients, legends have been told of nocturnal beings that stalked the darkness, causing death and destruction by drinking the life-blood of the living. Through the centuries, these tales have been told and retold, and largely have been embellished with age. Most of these tales were devised primarily to explain deaths, sicknesses and diseases that the people of long ago just didn't understand. Without any knowledge of medicine, science or the basic workings of the human body, these highly superstitious people created hypothetical evil beings to explain away things they didn't understand, blaming them instead for whatever bad things were happening around them. In such legends, the original character of the Vampire was born.

The Vampire has reinvented himself many times over the ensuing centuries, however. Today's Vampire is a far cry from the disgusting, wretched and fearful creature that was created in ancient folklore. Modern vampires are charming, suave, charismatic and in some cases, downright lovable. The Vampire, long considered one of the most classic and beloved monster characters to recreate for Halloween, has resurged in popularity in recent years due to novels, television series and feature films that feature these truly enigmatic characters.

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Start with Mehron's INtense Pro Powder makeup in Pure Lightning (white) #DD160. Adding a small amount of water to the water based face paint, load a sponge applicator with the white paint and apply this evenly over the entire face, including the eyelids. Don't worry if the paint is somewhat sheer; the idea is to create a pale look but the white doesn't need to be opaque. Apply Mehron's Colorset Powder #DD321 in order to set the makeup.

Step Two:  Using Mehron's Shadow Liner in Smoky Taupe (#DD127) and a damp sponge applicator, blend in some contours and shadows on the face. The shadows look best around the sides of the face, at the top of the forehead, under the cheekbones, on the sides of the nose and a little on the bottom of the chin. Blend well. Add more Colorset Powder in order to set the makeup.

Step Three:  Again, using Mehron's Shadow Liner in Smoky Taupe, using a q-tip applicator or a small sponge tip applicator, shadow the eyelids. Apply carefully underneath the lower lash line as well, in order to create a dark, sunken-in effect around the eyes. Carefully apply more Colorset Powder in order to set the makeup.

Step Four:  Using the Classic Scarecrow Fangs ##VA895 (or any other fangs you may desire found on the website), carefully apply the fangs as desired to your teeth, taking care to read all the instructions found on the package of the fangs themselves. These are not difficult to apply, but for the best results you want to follow the manufacturers instructions carefully.

Step Five:  Using Mehron's Coagulated Blood Gel #DD533 and a q-tip applicator, drizzle some of the "blood" down the side of the mouth. An added cool effect is created when you add a little blood to the innermost part of the lip as well.

Now it's time to carefully get into your best Vampire costume (we used a premium quality Vampire costume #IC3004 but there any many other vampire costume choices here) and get ready to have some seriously scintillating Halloween fun while in your truly amazing Vampire attire. With this almost sexy "undead" look, you appear cold, macabre but still strikingly sensual. Have fun!