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How To Create A Grinch Makeup Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018


Dr. Seuss is one of the world's most beloved and well-known authors of children's literature. In 1957, Dr. Seuss introduced one of his more notorious characters to the world when he authored "How The Grinch Stole Christmas!" This classic children's Christmas tale uses rhyming verse to tell the story of the Grinch, a curmudgeonly creature who lives deep in a cave atop a steep mountain that towers over a mythical land known as Who-ville. In Who-ville, the residents are annoyingly cheerful, and are especially so at Christmastime, which the Grinch finds completely exasperating. The Grinch seems to relish his endless complaining and self-induced misery. One day, having reached his level of tolerance when it comes to the "Who's" very irritating level of Christmas reveling, the Grinch decides that he is going to end Christmas for the Who's, once and for all. The Grinch hatches a devious plan to dress up like Santa and go down into Who-ville and pack up all things Christmas with the help of his dog and only friend, Max. The Grinch and Max haul the Christmas loot up to his cave, thinking that they are ending Christmas in Who-ville forever.

Much to the Grinch's surprise, even though he successfully steals away all of the Who's Christmas decorations, food and presents, Christmas happens anyway, just as it always did, causing the Grinch to have a life changing moment that alters his persona from that point forward.

The Grinch has become a classic character associated with Christmas for both the young and the old. To add some hilarious fun to your next Christmas celebration, consider adding old Mister Grinch to your festivities. Creating a classic Grinch look is easier than you think, with a just a few makeup items found right here at Halloween Express!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  All the makeup for the Grinch look will be created using Mehron's Paradise Makeup Palette in the Basic color selection (Product #DD507). Starting with the yellow color, add a little water to the paint, and with a small brush apply the yellow to the eyelids also painting on a little bit under the lower eyelid. Angle the eye shape slightly upward at the outer edge in order to create a cat-eye effect.

Step Two:  Using the green paint in the same color palette (Product #DD507), cover the rest of the face, neck and ears with a fairly heavy coat of the green paint. The trick in getting a good opaque coverage is to not add too much water to the paint; add just enough to keep it spreadable, but keep the coverage fairly solid.

Step Three:  Once you have the green applied very evenly, and to your satisfaction, using a very thin brush and the black paint in the palette (Product #DD507), line around the yellow painted area surrounding the eyes. Add a few eyelashes and brush on bushy eyebrows on the forehead area above the painted on yellow eyes.

Step Four:  Using the black paint, add more details to the face. Start by painting the lips black. Then add an "evil grin" line coming out from the side of the mouth, adding a squiggly expression line at the top of the smile line underneath the cheekbone. Add a cat shaped nose and extend a straight line from the tip of the nose down to the top of the upper lip, even further enhancing the "cat-like" nose and mouth of the Grinch. Add four dots to each side of the upper lip in order to look like whiskers. Add wrinkles where desired by scrunching up the face in various places and then painting in the natural lines where wrinkles occur. These wrinkles look best on the forehead and the chin.

Step Five:  Highlight the Grinch's face with yellow in the following areas: The cheeks, the chin, the forehead, and on the bridge of the nose. Add a soft line of yellow highlight above each of the wrinkles for emphasis. Blend the yellow into the green well and continue highlighting and adding yellow until you are happy with the look you have achieved.

Step Six:  Add some subtle white highlights with a skinny brush for added emphasis and to finish off and add polish your Grinch look. Add a few highlights to the eyebrows, the chin, the nose, and the upper lips--anywhere you would like to add some subtle emphasis.

Step Seven:  Using a fluffy brush and Colorset Powder (Product #DD321) dust the entire face lightly with the powder in order to set the makeup.

That's it! You have easily created a very dramatic and hilarious Grinch look that is surely going to be the talk of your Christmas festivities! For our featured Grinch look we have used the Grinch Costume (Product #EL400636) but you can easily make this look work with any Santa hat and Santa suit. The Grinch's helper, Max, is wearing dog antlers (Product #RU432) in order to help disguise him as a reindeer. Whether you are feeling a bit "Grinchy" or not, this beloved character is sure to add lots of Christmas spirit to your holidays!