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How To Create A Jack Sparrow Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Jack Sparrow Costume Look

Nearly fifteen years ago, the infamous Pirates of the Caribbean made their debut onto the silver screen, a clever and hilarious Captain Sparrow at the helm. Fast forward many years later, and Jack Sparrow is arguably still everyone’s favorite pirate. Captain Jack is a force to be reckoned with, but unlike most rogue pirates, he does seem to have a bit of a soft heart underneath all that pirate fanfare. Using his wits and ingenuity over violence any day, Jack is the master of winging it and finding his way out of many unpleasant situations.

One of the most popular costume looks of all time; Jack Sparrow has a unique persona that is perfect for Halloween or other dress-up occasions. Follow our complete step by step instructions, and you will be well on your way to creating a fantastic Jack Sparrow costume look!

Follow These Steps

Step One:  Using a damp sponge, apply a foundation all over your face and blend in well. Choose a color that is one shade darker than your natural skin tone. Pirates have spent a lot of time outside on the high seas, so their skin is tanned, burned and looks a bit weathered. 

Step Two:  Choose a contour foundation shade that is quite dark. For our look, we have used Dark Egyptian. (#DD05) Using a light touch and a damp sponge, blend the contour color onto all the areas of the face that require shading. Apply the contour color underneath the cheekbones, on the sides of the nose, the hairline, etc. Don’t worry too much about the chin area because you will be applying a goatee later.  

Step Three:  Once you are satisfied with your contouring and have a nice dirty tanned look, you can spatter a little red rouge (#DD202) on your cheeks if desired. To accomplish this, thin a little red cream rouge with a little rubbing alcohol. Using an old toothbrush, load the brush with the thinned rouge and using your thumb, spatter the color lightly across the nose and cheeks. Make sure you close your eyes! The red spatter gives the face a little bit of a sunburned look. Allow this to dry before proceeding. 

Step Four:  Apply a bronzing powder (Texas Dirt, #DD01) to your entire face with a light touch to add a deeper dirty bronze look, if desired. Use a light touch as with this product; a little goes a long way! 

Step Five:  Using EYE Cream in Black (#DD107), apply the color to the eyelid area and blend in well. Smudge some of this color underneath the eyes as well. Don’t worry if it looks messy, in this case, that’s a good thing! 

Step Six:  Line the eyes with black liner pencil (#DE01) to add further drama and depth to the eye area.

Step Seven:  Before applying your mustache, soul patch and goatee set, make sure the entire area is clean and dry for the best adhesion. We have used the Pirates of the Caribbean Goatee set for our Jack Sparrow look. (#DG18609) The mustache, goatee and soul patch come with self-adhesive strips on the back. We recommend, however that you enhance the adhesion by using a little spirit gum (#DD17) along with the adhesive strips. You don’t want to lose your facial hair prematurely! To apply the facial hair, first, line up each piece in the place you want to attach it to the face. Trim the piece as necessary, saving the little scraps of hair if you want to use them for extra whiskers/scruff later. Once you have your mustache, soul patch and goatee trimmed to the right size; then it’s time to stick them to your face. If you are using spirit gum, brush this onto the face with the small brush that’s in the bottle. Tap the area with your finger until it becomes very tacky. Once the face feels very sticky, find the perfect spot for your mustache and then press it into place. Follow this same procedure with the soul patch and the beard. If you want to add some additional whiskers to your face, cut the little mustache/goatee scraps into fine, short pieces of hair and after applying spirit gum, press these onto the face.

Step Eight:  For the look of pirate golden teeth, brush Tooth FX in Nicotine (#DD222) onto selected teeth.

Now it’s time to get into your favorite Jack Sparrow costume and find a few cool accessories to finish off your costume look. For our amazing Captain Jack Sparrow look, we have used the Jack Sparrow costume. (#DG5626) We have accessorized Jack’s ensemble with a pair of rugged Caribbean boots (#HA160) along with a handy pirate cutlass (#DG14623) and pistol. (#DG29865).

Jack Sparrow. Captain of the Black Pearl and notorious scalawag of the seven seas, now Jack Sparrow can be at your next Halloween party!