Creating a Jorah Mormont Costume Look

When it comes to HBO's Game of Thrones, you'd be hard-pressed to find a character more fascinating than Ser Jorah Mormont. The son of Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, he now lives in exile in Essos while acting as an advisor to Daenerys Targaryen. Originally, Jorah joined Dany's quest to spy on her, he has since become a devout follower. Jorah is rugged, refined and wise and if we are honest, ridiculously good looking. Jorah does have a bit of a wicked crush on the lovely Daenerys, however, and boy does it show. What lengths will Ser Jorah go to prove his loyalty to the Mother of Dragons? When it comes to amazing costume looks, we know that Jorah's is the one you are going to recreate. Follow our simple step by step instructions for creating the look of one of Game of Thrones most formidable warriors!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Begin with a clean and dry face. We used easily applied tattoos to add wounds to our Jorah. For these tattoos to adhere properly, it is inherent to begin with skin that is free from all makeup or lotion. We have cleansed the skin with a little rubbing alcohol and then let it dry to ensure that the skin is tattoo ready. Cut the tattoo that you desire from the sheet of tattoos. (Our Jorah is wearing two different tattoos, a large cut (#FW5685) and a smaller slash (#DF201). Feel free to use your imagination and get creative with your cuts and wounds, as they are extremely easy to apply, look very realistic, and removal is a breeze. To apply the tattoo, first remove the plastic sheet that is over the top of the tattoo. Press the tattoo onto the skin where you want to apply the tattoo, and apply a very damp (not dripping) towel and pressure to the tattoo for about 30 seconds. Take a peek around the edge if you want to make sure the tattoo has adhered properly and if it looks good, gently peel away the backing paper. Now, isn't that an amazing and realistic looking wound? For an even more realistic effect, lightly dust your tattoo with a little setting powder (#DD321) to remove any shine. Feel free to add a little fake blood or costume blood gel to your wound for a "fresher" wound look!

Step Two:  We wanted to "age" our model a little bit, because Jorah is middle-aged and our model is not. We have used the Old Age Stack to add some wrinkles to our model's face. (#CSCC013) Begin with the tan color and the skinny brush. By scrunching up the forehead, you can see where the natural wrinkle lines are in your face. Line with the color using the small brush inside those natural lines. Line the laugh lines or any other wrinkles you desire to create an aged look. Next, using the yellow color, lightly highlight each wrinkle with the yellow color. Blend this color in gently with a brush or small sponge for a more natural appearance. Dust the entire area with more setting powder. (#DD321)

Step Three:  We wanted to make our Jorah look like he'd just finished fighting by giving him a bruised appearance in addition to his cuts. To create a realistic looking bruise, we have used the Injury Stack. (#CSCC003C) This clever makeup kit comes with all the colors you will need to create some very realistic look wounds, bruises, and scrapes. To create the look of a bruise, begin with the Corpse yellow color in the middle of the area you wish to appear bruised. Around the yellow color, lightly stipple in the Bruised Red color. Finish your bruise with a little Undead Purple and if desired, a little bit of black around the edges. Blend gently with the stipple sponge and finish off with more setting powder.

Step Four:  To give Jorah a bit of a dirty, rugged appearance we have used a product called Texas Dirt. (#DD01) Apply this product liberally to any areas you wish to contour or make look a little bit dirty or suntanned. You can even rub a little into your fingernails if you like! Once again, finish your makeup look off with setting powder to ensure a smudge free night and long wear.

Step Five:  We have dressed our version of Ser Jorah Mormont in two different, separate looks. His casual, everyday look has been created by using the Men's Medieval Shirt (#FM68554), accessorized with a slick Medieval Belt and Sword (FM68306) and Captain's Boots. (#HAG120) To get our Jorah ready for a fierce battle, we have dressed him in the Scorpion Warrior Costume. (#IC1094) You will find that many of our Renaissance costumes will work well to create a Jorah Mormont or other Game of Thrones costume look!

Jorah Mormont. He's handsome and rugged. He's a loyal, intelligent advisor, as well as a fierce warrior and true force to be reckoned with. Now, by following a few easy instructions, Jorah's look can be yours for your next costume party.