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How To Create A Katniss Everdeen Look From Hunger Games

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Katniss Everdeen Costume Look

Katniss Everdeen may be one of the bravest characters to come out of a movie franchise in recent years. As the Hunger Games story begins, Katniss has voluntarily chosen to take her sister's place when the younger sibling is chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, a televised fight to the death. Now that's some serious bravado! Katniss wears many different costume looks as the story unfolds, but it is her infamous braided hairstyle and rugged huntress style that has become almost legendary. If you want to recreate Katniss's signature style for your next Halloween party or cosplay adventure, we've put together a makeup/costume look that has been inspired by the fearless survivor. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions and before long you will be sporting the look of District 12's most daunting tribute.

Follow our complete step-by-step instructions to easily create this makeup and costume look inspired by the Katniss Everdeen character in The Hunger Games.

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Begin any makeup application with a clean, dry face. Using the concealer wheel, (#DD174) select an appropriate shade to conceal any dark shadows underneath the eyes and hide any other skin imperfections.

Step Two:  Using a foundation that closely matches your skin tone, blend the color onto the face using a damp sponge applicator. For our featured look, our model is wearing Light Beige (#DD411) by Celebre.

Step Three:  Blend in Creamy Beige EYE cream (#DD342) on the entire eyelid area with a brush or sponge tipped applicator.

Step Four:  Using Mehron Shadoliner in Taupe, (#DD139) blend this color in onto the eyelids.

Step Five:  Using Mehron Shadoliner in Chestnut Brown, (#DD343) blend this deeper brown color along the lash line and along the outer "v" of the eyes.

Step Six:  Line the upper eyelids with a black eye liner pencil. (#CSPP002) Make sure the pencil is well sharpened so that you have a thinner tip, as you want the line to look fairly natural. Line very lightly under the lower lashes if desired and finish the eyes with a couple of coats of mascara.

Step Seven:  Brush on blush by Mehron in bronze to add some glow and radiant color to the face. (#DD145) Try to keep the look as natural and blended as possible.

Step Eight:  Using LIP cream in Natural,(#DD103) brush on lip color lightly to the lips.

Step Nine:  Using Mehron Stick makeup in Light Cocoa (#DD87) and a dampened sponge applicator, blend this color in strategic places on the face as a contour shade. Try blending this color in well under the cheekbones, under the chin, under the lower lip, etc. Blend this in very well.

Step Ten:  Using Colorset Powder (#DD321) and a fluffy brush, lightly dust the entire face with setting powder. This is an important step as it will set the makeup, making it last much longer, while also preventing it from rubbing off.

Step Eleven:  If you wish your Katniss to have the look of some minor injuries, follow the following simple steps. Using the Injury Stack (#CSCC003C) that has all the colors you will need to create realistic looking bruises and cuts, apply the Undead Purple with a black stipple sponge (#CSEZ001) and a light touch. Layer the next color, (Bruised Red) on top of the purple color until you have the look of a bruise. In order to create the look of a cut, draw a line first with the Undead Purple, creating the cut line. Stipple the Bruised Red color on top of this. Finish your cut with a little FX blood (#DE109) applied along the cut line with a cotton tipped swab.

Now it's time to get into your best Katniss Everdeen inspired costume and wig. If you have appropriate hair, consider yourself lucky, braid it appropriately and move onto the costume part of this operation. If you need a little help getting Katniss's signature hairstyle, a great way to get the right look in a hurry is to wear a wig. Our model is wearing the District Girl Wig (#FW92187).

Our model is wearing the Huntress Costume (#IC11053) along with some black knee high boots. (#HA87) Your Katniss look will be complete when you accessorize it with an appropriate bow and arrow set! (#MR5152050)

Katniss. She's independent, strong willed and brave to the core. And now she can be at your next Halloween party! Have fun recreating one of the most memorable characters from the film The Hunger Games!