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How To Create A Katy Clown Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

The clown historically is one of the oldest costume looks. During ancient times, clowns were known to be a revered part of the king's court, sometimes sought for advice and always looked to for entertainment. Clowns primary purpose has always been to amuse and delight, whether it is by dancing, playing music, performing magic or just by being silly.

Our Katy Clown look is a juxtaposition of the very best parts of a classic clown look with a decidedly pop star twist. Borrowing the color, fanfare and bombast from one of today's most popular pop icon's, our Katy Clown is vibrant, sexy as well as energetic, while still retaining the fun and whimsy we all cherish in any clown look.

The Katy Clown look is simple and easy to create for yourself with a few makeup items that are readily available on the Halloween Express website. We've dressed our clown in the Giggles the Clown costume (Product #RU880176), but this Clown makeup would easily translate itself into a very wide range of clown costumes. Have fun and use your imagination!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Using Mehron's Clown Makeup Palette (#DD27), apply the Clown White color to the eyelids with a sponge tip applicator. Next, with a sponge tip applicator, paint on a clown mouth with the Clown White color, outlining outside the lip line with the white, creating the desired mouth shape around the lips. Using a clean q-tip, wipe off any white that ends up on the lips. Set this white makeup by dusting over all makeup areas with Mehron's Colorset powder. (#DD321)

Step Two:  Using the Auguste color found in the Clown Makeup Palette (#DD27) and a damp sponge, apply this color to the rest of the face. Be careful not to get the flesh tone on the areas of white that you've already applied. Dust entire face lightly with more Colorset Powder to set the makeup. (#DD321)

Step Three:  Using the red color found in the Clown makeup palette and a sponge tip applicator, apply the red to the lower lip. Create expression lines at the corners of the mouth if desired. Press the lips together to transfer the color to the top lip and finish blending in the color onto the lips with a brush or sponge tip applicator.

Step Four:  Using the True Blue color found in the Clown Makeup Palette, line the eyes at the lash line with a sponge tip applicator or q-tip. Use this color to contour the eye in the crease area. Blend well. Fill in eyebrows with the same True Blue color found in the palette.

Step Five:  With a damp sponge, apply Mehron's Cheek color in Shell Pink to the apples of the cheeks, blending well. (#DD140)

Step Six:  Using Mehron's Detailz Liner Pen in White, (#DD510) carefully draw a starburst on each cheek. Dab on a little Pixie Dust for extra sparkle and shimmer. (#FW9476)

Step Seven:  Apply eyelash glue to Glitter Eyelashes (#EA94) and adhere these to the upper eyelids.

Step Eight:  Using the red color found in the Clown Makeup Palette and a q-tip applicator, paint a small red circle on the nose, creating a clown nose effect.

Now it's time to get into your best clown costume! We've created our Katy Clown look with the Giggles the Clown costume (#RU880176), Platform Shoes in Red (#HA3) and the California Blue Wig (#MR177476). Whether you are headed for the big top or the big stage, this vibrant and fun clown look is going to be a huge hit!