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How To Create A Leatherface Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Hideous Leatherface Costume Look

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series just got a whole lot scarier! In the fall of 2017, the franchise will release a prequel to the legendary story, which will be entitled, “Leatherface.” This new film will tell the tale of a teenage Leatherface, including his escape from a psychiatric hospital and his violent descent into criminal madness. Like most favorite horror protagonists, Leatherface is a very popular character choice for Halloween, because, let’s face it, the Leatherface look is pretty darn scary. To create one of the most terrifying Halloween looks ever imagined, follow our complete step-by-step instructions for a frightening and unforgettable Leatherface look.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Leatherface Costume Look:

Step One:  To create our Leatherface makeup look, we have used the Stitched Face Mask Kit. (#RU18363) This fabulous kit contains a very realistic foam latex prosthetic, along with everything else you need to complete the makeup look, including spirit gum, a mask cover makeup palette, brushes, sponges and finishing powder. Once applied to the face, this amazing mask fits on the face like a second skin, fitting securely while moving along with your facial expressions. It takes a bit of effort to apply this mask successfully, but the pay off is a frighteningly realistic look!

Step Two:  Begin the makeup application with the prosthetic mask still off the face. Apply the base color foundation before you attempt to adhere the piece to your skin. Use a damp sponge to cover the entire prosthetic with the base color of foundation. Before applying any spirit gum, try the piece on to test the fit of the mask. Make sure the eye holes are big enough to allow for clear vision and that the mouth hole is large enough to move freely and breathe. Once any adjustments are made to the openings in the mask piece, it’s time to glue the mask into place. To adhere the mask to the face, use the spirit gum that is included in the kit. Spirit gum is brushed directly onto the face. To activate the spirit gum and make it tacky, tap the applied spirit gum with your finger. It’s also a good idea to apply spirit gum to the prosthetic piece for extra stick and staying power. Once the spirit gum is applied, carefully line the piece up to your face and press it into place. Apply more spirit gum as necessary.  

Step Three:  Once the prosthetic is securely in place, then it’s time to add details to the mask to make it look more realistic and scary. Begin with the darker brown shade. The contour shade can be applied with a damp sponge or a brush. Contour the areas of the face that would be shadowed, using the piece itself as a guide. Apply the brown color in all recessed areas of the mask as well as around the edges of the mask itself. Blend the brown color in very well with the damp sponge.  

Step Four:  You will notice that on the mask itself there are divots that look like scars or wounds. To add detail to the scarred up areas of the mask, use the various shades in the color palette, layering them as desired. The stippling sponge is a great tool to apply these colors with a light touch. Begin with the black and blue colors and then top these off with some light touches of red and yellow.  

Step Five:  Using a thin brush, line the mask with “stitches” with the black makeup. You can go over the black lines with a little red to make the stitches look a little bloodier. Once you have the stitches applied to the mask, add some cross hatches at intervals for a more authentically stitched look.  

Step Six:  Once you have all the makeup applied to the mask, be sure and finish your look with a little bit of the included setting powder. This step will set the makeup, and help to prevent smudging. (#DD321)

Step Seven: OPTIONAL: Dab a little Fx Blood, (#DE109) onto the mask (or elsewhere) as desired for a truly horrific, gory look.

Now it’s time to get into your favorite Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface costume look. For our Leatherface, we have dressed our model in the Men’s Leatherface costume. (#RU16571) Where would Leatherface be without his handy chainsaw? We supplied our Leatherface with his weapon of choice, a chainsaw of course! (#RU589). This faux chainsaw makes a few special sound effects of its own, sure to up the scare factor of your frightening Leatherface look.  

Leatherface. He’s as crazy as they come and completely hell bent on the most violent outcomes ever imagined. Now, it's possible for this frightening character to be a guest at your next Halloween party!