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How To Create A Mad Hatter Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Mad Hatter Costume Look

In 2010, Tim Burton magically reinvented the classic children’s story, Alice in Wonderland into a wildly popular adventure fantasy for the silver screen. The summer of 2016 saw the sequel, “Alice, Through the Looking Glass” bring back Alice and crew to continue the beloved story. Many of the characters from these amazing films also make fantastic Halloween costumes. One of our favorite characters from the movie is the unusual, eccentric and memorable Mad Hatter. Don’t be intimidated by all that makeup. By following our simple, step-by-step instructions, you can quickly put together an incredible Mad Hatter look of your very own!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Using a damp sponge, apply Celebre Cream makeup (#DD424) to the entire face, avoiding the area immediately surrounding the eyes. We will be using different colors in the eye area later, so it’s best to avoid using the white in this area.

Step Two:  Using a small brush and Clown Pink Makeup, (#DD437) apply the pink just underneath the eyes forming a small semi-circle shape. Using a sponge tip applicator, blend out the outer edge of the pink color to soften the line a little bit.

Step Three:  Apply Celebre’s Shadoliner in Light Blue (#DD122) to the upper eyelids using a sponge tip applicator or brush.

Step Four:  Using Mehron’s E.Y.Y Cream makeup in Purple, (#DD107) and a damp sponge applicator, gently blend in contour shadows on the face. Apply the color under the cheekbones, on the sides of the nose, around the hairline, etc.

Step Five:  Using a setting powder such as Colorset Powder (#DD321) and a brush or powder puff, powder down the entire face to set the makeup to keep it from smudging. Don’t be tempted to skip this step, as the setting powder is an essential part of making your makeup last.

Step Six:  Apply LIP Cream in Petal Pink (#DD103) to the lips to emphasize the Mad Hatter’s slightly kooky smile.

Step Seven:  Next we will be giving the Mad Hatter some very crazy, bushy eyebrows. To accomplish this, you will need crepe hair in an Auburn or orange color. (#CB12) Pull or cut off a piece of crepe hair, remove the twine and fluff out the hairs and blend them together to form an eyebrow shape. You can trim it later if you need to. Then, using spirit gum, (#DD17) apply the adhesive to the area in which you want to apply the eyebrow. Tap the spirit gum until it feels super tacky. Press the eyebrow into place, applying more spirit gum if necessary. Apply the second eyebrow in the same manner and trim the brows so they are similar in size and shape. If desired, you can use a little bit of hairspray to help the brow hold the shape. Be sure to close your eyes whenever using spirit gum, hairspray, etc. anywhere near them.

Now it’s time to get into your favorite Mad Hatter costume! To create our rather offbeat and whimsical Mad Hatter look, we’ve used the Mad Hatter Prestige Costume (DG13545). The very tall and proper Mad Hatter hat comes with the costume and even has a bit of curly red hair attached conveniently to the brim of the hat. For our costume look, we wanted an even bigger crop of wild hair, so we’ve added the Mad Hatter Party Wig (#MR179522) to our ensemble. To finish off our perfectly mad, Mad Hatter look, we’ve added a nifty pair of Victorian Shoes. (#HA118)

Where would the Mad Hatter be without his friend, Alice? Our Alice is wearing a costume that is an exact replica of the one worn in the film, Alice in Wonderland. (#DG13531) To give our Alice perfect Alice hair, we’ve used the Disney Alice Wig w/ headband. (#ELLA2517)

Now this Mad Hatter is all ready to share a spot of tea with his good friend Alice--or just head off to his next Halloween party. May all your trips down the rabbit hole be good ones!