How To Create a Men's Steampunk Costume Look

You may have heard the term “Steampunk” and wondered what it meant. Steampunk is considered a super groovy juxtaposition of science fiction, steam technology, and Victorian era fashion. If you were to re-imagine modern inventions through the eyes of a person who lived during the Victorian age or even the Wild West, you'd begin to capture the vibe of what the Steampunk trend is all about. Steampunk is a retro-futuristic style genre that has become extremely popular for cosplay, costume parties and especially for Halloween! 

Do you want to know how to capture the heart and soul of a male Steampunk look? The secret is in the details! With the use of a few spectacular costume pieces, retro accessories, and some very simple makeup techniques, we’ve put together a rather dashing male Steampunk look that is certain to get your gears spinning!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One: Make sure that your face is clean and dry. Many different mustache styles are perfect for a Victorian look. For our featured Steampunk ensemble, we have chosen to apply a very realistic-looking small handlebar mustache that has a fantastic retro style. Our model is wearing the Small English Mustache. (#LW428) To successfully apply the mustache to the face, you will need to use spirit gum (#DD237). Spirit gum is an adhesive that is very simple to use and works very well when applying faux facial hair to get a very natural and realistic result. Using the brush applicator, apply the spirit gum to the upper lip on the area where the mustache will need to adhere. Using your finger, gently tap the spirit gum until it becomes noticeably tacky. Carefully remove the mustache from the packaging. Hold the mustache with your fingers and strategically position it where you would like it to adhere. Press the mustache into place on the upper lip. If necessary, you can apply more spirit gum on the area where the edges of the mustache fall to get a better stick.

Step Two: For our featured male Steampunk look, we have chosen to give our model a bit of rugged color in his face to emulate a look that may have come straight out of the Wild West! This earthy, bronze color is easy to recreate with a product called Texas Dirt. (#DD01) Using a fluffy brush, a very small amount of Texas Dirt, and a light touch, lightly apply the powder to the areas of your face that you want to give a bit of color. A little bit of this product goes a long way, so go easy at first--you can always add more color if you desire.

Step Three: Using hair gel or pomade, we have slicked back our model’s hair to capture an authentic retro vibe. Even if you are planning on wearing a hat to your event, you still may want to style your hair in a Steampunk appropriate fashion. This way, if your hat comes off at some point, you are still in full character.

Step Four: Now for the fun part! When it comes to any Steampunk look, the secret to success is found in the details! For our Steampunk look, we have used some amazing Steampunk costume items and accessories. First, we have dressed our dapper model in the Steampunk Hat with Goggles (#FM75327) and then dignified his ensemble with a fashionable Steampunk Monocle. (#FM66142) Our model is wearing several costume pieces that capture the true essence of the Victorian era with a decidedly Steampunk twist. Our model is wearing a crisp Steampunk Shirt (#FM76371) with a fitted and buttoned Steampunk Vest. (#FM76368) Our Steampunk guy’s genteel attire is ramped up with the stylish button-emblazoned Warlock Coat. (#FM76658) To finish our male Steampunk look head-to-toe, we have added a pair of proper Victorian shoes (#HA118) appropriately topped off with a pair of jaunty white Spats. (#BB97) No dressed to the nines gentleman would venture out without his handy cane--thus our Mr. Steampunk carries a rather spiffy wooden brass cane (#WS04) that any polished man might covet.

Steampunk style brings together the past and the future in the most epic possible way. By implementing a few of our simple to follow tips as inspiration, you will easily be able to recreate one of these unusual and evocative Steampunk looks!