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How To Create A Peacock Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Peacock Costume Look

Are you one of those gals that like to be the center of attention? Can you visualize yourself this Halloween, proudly walking into your Halloween party, dressed to the nines as one of the most beautiful birds in all of the world? For you girls, a vibrant and eye-catching Peacock costume is the perfect costume choice. By following our easy, step-by-step instructions, you can put together a simple makeup look that is the perfect accompaniment for all those regal Peacock costume looks!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Peacock Costume Look:

Step One:  Begin your Peacock makeup look with a clean and dry face. The first step is to apply a makeup foundation to your entire face to even out your skin tone and give your face a nice base. You will want to choose a foundation color that closely matches your own natural skin tone for the best look. For our featured makeup, we have used Mehron’s Creamblend stick makeup in Soft Beige. (#DD91) Blend the color into the face evenly by using a slightly damp sponge.

Step Two:  Using a Lt. Chrome Green Eye Cream (#DD137) and an eyeshadow brush or sponge tip applicator, apply this color to the entire eyelid area, blending in well. Don’t be afraid of the bright green color; you will be shading over it later and applying other colors in layers so it may be best if the green color is quite vibrant at this point so it will peek through later.  

Step Three:  Using an Amethyst Purple Eye Cream (#DD107), shadow in the outer half of the eyelid crease to add some contour to the eye. Blend the two colors together and add more color as desired.

Step Four:  Mix Mehron’s Gold Powder (#DD129) with a small amount of mixing liquid (#DD03) to form a highly pigmented, sparkling emulsion. Using a small brush, apply the gold liquid to the inner corners of the eyes as desired to create sparkle and drama. Blend in well and reapply as desired. Let dry. 

Step Five:  Using Mehron’s Detailz Liner Pen in Black (#DD509), line along the upper lash line. For more “Peacock-appropriate” eye drama, paint on a thicker line. Use a thinner line for a subtle look.  

Step Six:  Using a pencil-style eyeliner pencil in black, (#DE01) smudge a little bit of black pencil along the lower lash line and blend in carefully.

Step Seven: Glue a pair of full and feathery false eyelashes to the upper lash line. (#EA83) False eyelashes will make your eyes look huge, which is perfect for a dramatic Peacock costume look. Apply mascara if desired.

Step Eight: Using a dark brown eye pencil (#EA01) and short feathery strokes, pencil in the eyebrows as desired.

Step Nine: Apply a powder blush to the apples of the cheeks. For our lovely Peacock makeup look, we have used Celebre Powder Blush in Tropicoral. (#DD426) Blend the color in well onto the cheekbones.

Step Ten: Apply a vibrant LIP Cream to the lips using a lip brush. We have used Lip Cream in Zinnia for our featured Peacock Makeup Look. (#DD103)

Step Eleven: Set your makeup by using a good setting powder to finish your look. We have used Colorset Powder by Mehron. (#DD321)

Now it’s time to get dressed in your favorite regal and elegant Peacock costume. Halloween Express has several different Peacock costume styles to choose from, so let your own unique sense of style be your guide! For our featured Peacock costume look, we have dressed our lovely model in the Women’s Lightweight Peacock Costume (#GC408) and accessorized it with a sexy clear pair of heels (#HA96) and then put a genuine Peacock feather in our model’s hair. (#BB61) 

When it comes to costumes, a Peacock costume look is a real showstopper. Whether it’s for Halloween or another costume-appropriate occasion, one of these fabulous Peacock looks can really show your true colors. It kind of makes you want to get up and shake your tail feathers!