How To Create a Santa Claus Costume Look

Santa Claus is one of the most closely associated with Christmas characters out there. Children around the world have embraced the magical legend that surrounds Santa Claus' very existence and are seemingly in awe by this colorful jolly ol' elf. Santa Claus is so deeply embedded in the culture and traditions celebrated at Christmastime that he is, and almost needs to be, everywhere during the Christmas holidays. With so many demands on his schedule, Santa often must enlist a few helpers to assist him with surprising and visiting children around the community. 
If you are looking to create an authentic and very jolly version of Santa for your Christmas event, you've come to the right place. With a few tips and suggestions, along with that perfect Santa Costume you will easily be able to "become" Santa, much to the delight of children big and small in your neck of the woods. Here's our step-by-step instructions for an amazing Santa look that is filled with Christmas cheer!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One: Using Mehron's Cheek color in Red Rose (#DD142), dab the color onto the cheeks and the nose using your fingers or a damp sponge, blending well. Don't be afraid to go really rosy, as the face will not show much underneath the beard you will be putting on later, and you want your Santa's face to look very pink.

Step Two: Put on the pants of your Santa Suit, (we have used Santa Suit # AE04) adjusting the waistline so it hits right below your belly (if you have one.) If you don't have much of a belly, don't worry! We will be addressing that later.

Step Three: Put on a pair of dress shoes that will match the boot covers that come with your Santa costume. Step into the boot covers so the elastic band is below the shoe in the middle, which will hold it into place. If you are lucky enough to have Santa boots, then you can just put those on next. Santa always wears his trousers tucked into his boots, so regardless of what type of boots your Santa suit version has, make sure his pants are tucked in!

Step Four: Assess your belly. If you are well endowed through the middle you may not need any extra padding around your mid-section. If you are slender or even if you want to give your Santa a little extra tummy, try using our nifty "Santa's Belly" (#AE23). Place the upper strap over your head and then attach the Velcro belt around your midsection, below the belly. Wala! You will have a nice "bowl fully of jelly" look to your tummy that is authentically Santa.

Step Five: Zip on your Santa's coat. Next, put on Santa's belt, making sure to tighten it a little below the fattest part of the belly so that it appears to bulge out just a bit.

Step Six: Fluff out the Santa's beard and note where the mouth hole is and also where the strap is that will hold it securely onto your head. Strategically place the elastic over the back of your head and pull the beard gently into place, ensuring that the mustache part lands on your upper lip and the mouth hole is in the correct position. Gently style and fluff the beard so it looks full and even.

Step Seven: Put on the Santa wig, giving your Santa a head-full of white hair. Make sure you cover your natural hair completely. If you have a lot of natural hair, you may want to consider wearing a wig cap to contain it in place before you put your Santa wig on. Make sure the wig is in a good position so you can still see your eyes and the hair is evenly distributed.

Step Eight: Put on Santa's white gloves, and then Santa's cap. Make sure the pompom is on the side, it doesn't matter which one.

Step Nine: Add a pair of wire rimmed spectacles to complete the Santa look.

Step Ten: Although not really part of the costume, one of the most critical parts of being Santa is practicing your Santa lingo. Make sure you have a nice, hearty "HO, HO, HO and MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Ready to go. Practice makes perfect!

With a truly amazing costume and a few appropriate accessories, you will have everything you need to create an amazing Santa look that is sure to delight everyone this Christmas. You are likely to suddenly be very popular as well! Happy Holidays!