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How To Create A Resident Evil Alice Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Resident Evil Alice Costume Look

This year Resident Evil fans were thrilled to see the long awaited sixth film in the popular franchise, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hit theaters. We’re crazy about Alice, the covert security operative that is not only an amazing fighter but let's face it; this girl is bad to the bone. A Halloween costume based on this fabulous video game and movie franchise is an excellent idea--you can replicate Alice’s fierce look with just a few makeup tricks and by following our easy, step-by-step instructions.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating an Alice Costume Look:

Step One:  Before you apply your makeup, begin with a clean and dry face. Use a light moisturizer and a makeup primer, if desired. The first step is to apply a foundation to the entire face. You will want to select a foundation shade that is close to your natural complexion. For our featured look, we have used Mehron Creamblend Stick makeup in Soft Beige. (#DD91) Use a damp sponge to apply the makeup and blend well.  

Step Two:  Apply Creamy Beige Eye Cream to the entire upper eyelid using an eye shadow brush or a sponge tip applicator. Blend the color in well. (#DD342) 

Step Three:  Next, using an Eye Cream in Chestnut Brown (#DD343), apply this color to the eyelid crease area to contour the eye. Blend the colors well to create a natural eye look.

Step Four:  We want our “Alice” to have a very soft, natural makeup look, so we will be lining her eyes with a brown eye pencil to keep the look very subdued. Apply the eye pencil (#DE01) along the upper lash line and smudge in the color gently, blending well. Apply the same eye pencil under the lower lash lines, blending the color in for a soft look. Apply mascara, if desired.  

Step Five:  Using a very wispy and barely-there pair of false eyelashes-- (we have used the “defined” lashes from the eyelash set, #ALG11978) apply these very natural looking lashes to the upper lash line using eyelash glue.  

Step Six:  Using the Contour Shade of powder blush (#DD432) and a fluffy brush, apply this color just underneath the cheekbones to give the face warmth and definition. Finish off the cheeks with a brush of powder blush in bronze (#DD430) along the apples of the cheeks.

Step Seven: Using Lip Cream in Natural, (#DD103) brush the color onto the lips with a lip brush. Blot with a tissue for longer wear. Apply a clear gloss if desired.

Step Eight: To create the look of a “dirty” face and body, using a brown makeup (we have used Dark Egyptian Foundation #DD402) and a damp sponge. To apply the makeup, randomly and haphazardly, dab makeup lightly in various locations on your face and body that you wish to make “dirty.” Consider using the faux “dirt” on your forehead, the side of your face, your shoulders, above the elbows, etc.

Step Nine: Brush the entire makeup look with a setting powder. (#DD321) Apply setting powder to any areas of the face and body in which you have applied makeup.

Step Ten: Next, if desired using the EZ FX accessory kit (#CSEZ001) apply cuts and wounds as follows. For gashes, using the purple shade of makeup and a skinny brush, paint a cut onto the face. Using a black stipple sponge and VERY LITTLE RED MAKEUP (blot your sponge a few times on a paper towel before you apply the makeup to the face), sponge on the red makeup around the gash, leaving a 1/8” area of natural skin tone adjacent to the wound. Blend the red makeup outward. To create a road rash look, using a clean stipple sponge, begin with the purple shade and sponge on the rash with a dabbing motion and in some places, use a scraping motion. The positioning of the road rash should coincide with your “dirty” areas for a more realistic effect. Once you have finished with the purple color and you are satisfied with the positioning of your road rash, apply some of the red makeup on top of the purple. Once again, use just a little bit of makeup at a time, you can always add more. At this point, you will want to brush your “wounds” with a little setting powder.

Step Eleven: Finish off your wounds with a little blood gel, included in the EZ FX kit. Apply the blood with a small brush or a cotton swab.

Now it’s time to get dressed up in some appropriate Resident Evil (Alice) styled attire. For our “Alice” we have used a Wet Look Tank top (#CQ989) paired with a sexy black corset. (#RL7796) We have accessorized her fantastic look with a pair of knee high boots (#HA77) and a leg holster and gun set. (#FM62598) Our Alice also is wearing a pair of biker gloves (#10250) and a very sultry Asymmetrical wig in black. (#LW516) Alice packs a wide variety of faux weapons including a survival knife (#BE31), an M-16 submachine gun (#BF57) and a double gun holster purse. (#UAA1917)  

You probably don’t want to mess with Alice. Alice is one of the fiercest female costume looks we’ve put together in a long time--and it’s sure to get you lots of compliments at your next Halloween party. This is Alice...and this is her world.