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How To Create A Scissorhands Makeup Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

One of the most classic and beloved films created by director, Tim Burton is the movie Edward Scissorhands. Edward-- a shy, introverted creation of a since deceased inventor, is discovered one day by an overzealous Avon lady. Edward was found living as a recluse in an old mansion, hiding away from society in his physically unfinished and very lonely state. Sadly for Edward, his creator had died before he could give Edward proper hands, thus forcing Edward to learn to use scissors as an alternative instead.

Because of his "Scissorhands", Edward often accidentally and mistakenly injured himself or others. Edward unfortunately became a somewhat feared enemy who was also very misunderstood. Shy, awkward and sensitive Edward also finds love and acceptance in this picture perfect town. Edward Scissorhands is a classic and memorable film with a unique story that breaks out of the normal cliches like only a Tim Burton film can do.

Creating this classic character of Edward or Miss Scissorhands is easy when you have a few basic makeup items found at Halloween Express. Follow our complete step-by-step instructions to easily capture the essence of Edward for an exciting and memorable Halloween makeup look.

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  On a clean and dry face, using ordinary false eyelash glue and a toothpick, apply thin streams of glue to the face which when dry will become the facial "scars" or "slashes" that are essential for Edward's classic look. Let this glue dry thoroughly before applying any makeup over it.

Step Two:  Using the Mehron Concealer Wheel, (#DD174) take the lightest color and apply this to the eyelids with a sponge tip applicator. Cover the eyebrows with this color as well.

Step Three:  Using the Violet Vixen Makeup kit, (#PM410073) blend the black and purple eyeshadows together and apply this color into the crease of the eyelid, leaving the area near the lashes pale from the concealer. Blend well. Reapply concealer near the lash line if necessary.

Step Four:  Once the glue streams are dry on the face, you can roll them gently thinner with your finger if desired, or leave them as is. Apply the lightest color found in the Concealer wheel (#DD174) over the glue with a slightly damp sponge. Blend this lightest color all over the rest of the face taking care not to disturb your "scars".

Step Five:  Using the deepest color found in the Concealer Wheel and a damp sponge, create shadows and contouring under the cheekbones, on the sides of the nose, near the temples and along the sides of the chin.

Step Six:  Powder the entire face with Colorset Powder (#DD321) to set the makeup.

Step Seven:  Using the purple lipstick found in the Violet Vixen makeup kit, (#PM410073) apply the lipstick to the center area only of the upper and lower lips, creating Edward's signature lip look.

Now it's time to carefully (you don't want to cut yourself, now!) get into your Scissorhands costume! For our featured look, we have used the Miss Scissorhands Costume (#RU889844). For a unique Halloween look that comes straight from one of the most beloved films of all time, Edward Scissorhands is a really easy and exciting character to recreate with simple makeup and a truly unique costume! Have fun cutting things up!