Creating a Valentine Costume Look

According to the Greeting Card Association, each year over one billion Valentine's Day cards are sent out in the United States. This revered holiday, a celebration of love and romance, likely has its roots in both pagan and religious customs that date back for thousands of years. One possible source of Valentine tradition is St. Valentine, who was a priest who lived in the 3rd century. St. Valentine may have performed secret marriages for young lovers. Marriage had been outlawed for young men that were in the military, as Claudius the II had notoriously decreed that single men made better soldiers. (Obviously, Claudius was not much of a romantic!)

Today, Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated by exchanging greeting cards as well as the classic gifts of chocolates and flowers. If you are looking to up the ante on your Valentine's Day as well as make it extra unique and memorable, you will definitely want to check out our super sweet and sexy Valentine's Day costume ensemble. We have put together an amazing Valentine's Day look using a darling costume, beautiful makeup and some really cute accessories which, all put together, create an unforgettable Valentine's Day look that is going to melt hearts and get lots of attention! Follow our simple step-by-step instructions using easy makeup application techniques along with costumes and accessories which are all available at Halloween Express. Love is officially in the air!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Apply Mehron's Celebre foundation, using a damp sponge applicator. There are many colors of this foundation available on the website and you will want to choose the color that most closely matches your own unique skin tone. This will create a look that is flawless and most importantly, very natural. Our model is wearing Light Beige, #DD411.

Step Two:  The Scarlett Seductress makeup kit, #PM410075, was used to create the majority of our Valentine's Day makeup look. Using the sponge tip applicator found inside the makeup kit, apply the soft red color to the eyelids, blending well near the edges. Next, apply the charcoal grey color along the lash line and into the crease, creating a very seductive and sexy, smoky eye look. Blend the edges well and repeat with the other eye.

Step Three:  Using the false eyelashes found in the Scarlett Seductress makeup kit, apply eyelash glue in a very fine line along the top edge of the eyelash. Wait several seconds for it to begin to get sticky and then apply the lash carefully right along the upper lash line. Repeat on the other eye.

Step Four:  Using Mehron's Detailz liner pen in black (#DD509), apply the liner along the lash line on both the top as well as the lower eyelids. On our model, we have drawn the line quite thin; a thicker line will give you a far more dramatic, sultry look.

Step Five:  Using the bright red lipstick found in the Scarlet Seductress makeup kit (#PM410075), apply the lipstick to the lips. You can use a lip brush for more control and precision, or if preferred, just apply the lipstick straight from the tube.

Step Six:  Using a small blush brush or a damp sponge, lightly dab Celebre's powder blush in Wineberry (#DD429) to the apples of the cheeks, blending well.

Step Seven:  Using Glittermark glitter in Dynamite Red (#DD227), gently squeeze out two dots of glitter gel next to each other on one of your cheeks. Using the tip of the applicator, gently pull down the center area of the two adjacent dots into a point, in order to form a heart shape. Repeat if desired.

Our model is wearing the "Kiss Me, Cupid" costume, elegantly fashioned by Leg Avenue. It comes complete with the adorable double layer dress you see, along with a sequined armband and a heart-adorned headband to wear in your hair. (This is a quick and easy way to get love on your mind!) The feathery cupid wings and bow and arrow are sold separately as part of our Cupid kit. Don't forget to add the sexy, sparkly shoes to finish off your feminine and romantic Valentine's Day look!

Our lucky Valentine Girl has clearly captured the heart of a lucky pet "lovebug" who we have adorably dressed up in our Ladybug Pet costume. As you can see, even your favorite pet can easily get into all the Valentine's Day fun, too!

Make your next Valentine's Day celebration simply unforgettable with this truly sweet and adorable Valentine's Day look!