Creating a Sexy Snow Girl Costume Look

When it comes to fun and whimsical characters that are sure to get us all into a festive holiday mood, the Snowman will always be a revered favorite. Building these icy characters from snow is not only a favorite pastime of winter, but snow characters are also heavily associated with the holiday season and Christmas. There are many occasions over the holidays that you may find yourself wanting to dress up in a costume that helps you to express the joy and love of the Christmas season. Parades, plays, pageants and other various community events offer up many great opportunities to dress up and express your version of the Christmas spirit. Christmas parties are also the perfect place to wear an appropriate Christmas costume, and will quickly put your guests into a very jolly mood. Creating a glittery and unique makeup look to perfectly accent your frosty Snowman costume is easy when you follow our step by step instructions!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Begin any makeup application with a clean and dry face. Apply a foundation to the face using a damp sponge. For best results, use a foundation color that very closely matches your natural skin tone. For our Snow Girl look, we have used Mehron's Creamblend stick makeup in Soft Beige. (#DD91)

Step Two:  The next step is to apply Mehron's EYE Cream in Creamy Beige (#DD342) to the entire eyelid area, including the lower eyelid area and then upward underneath the eyebrows.

Step Three:  Using the Shadoliner in Medium Grey (#DD125), blend this eye color shade in very well to the lower eyelid area.

Step Four:  Using a sharpened eye pencil in black, line along the upper lash line with the eye pencil. Next, carefully draw a thinner line underneath the lower lashes.

Step Five:  Apply glittery false eyelashes to the upper lash line with eyelash glue.

Step Six:  Lightly blend Cheek cream in Berry (#DD147) onto the apples of the cheeks. This vibrant cheek color will give you a "just in out of the snow" glow!

Step Seven:  Lightly dust your makeup at this point with setting powder. For our look, we have used Colorset Powder (#DD321) to set the makeup and prevent smudging.

Step Eight:  Next, lightly dust Pixie Dust over the cheeks and nose area. (#FW9476) Already your Snowgirl look is starting to shimmer!

Step Nine:  Next you will be painting a large snowflake next to one eye on the face. We have used Mehron's Detailz liner pen in white (#DD510) to paint on the basic shape of a snowflake. To accomplish this paint a vertical line first, and then cross through this first line to form a plus sign. Then at each diagonal intersection, paint on one more line.

Step Ten:  Paint on small diagonal lines at various intervals in order to create and accent the look of a snowflake.

Step Eleven:  Once the white paint has dried, paint on a shadow color next to the main white lines of your snowflake with a silver Detailz liner pen. (#DD513)

Step Twelve:  To finish off the snowflake and give it lots of glittery shimmer, paint over the white areas with Glittermark glitter gel in white. (#DD227)

Step Thirteen:  Finish off your makeup look with some bright pink lip color in Bubble Gum. (#DD103) Add a little clear gloss for even more shimmer! (#DD366)

Now it's time to get carefully dressed in your Snowgirl Costume. We have used the Snowman costume (#UR292919) accessorized with black stiletto boots (#HA131) and of course a handy broom! (#MR122642) Our model is also wearing a lovely brown wig to set off her look to perfection. (#MR177274)

Tales of snowmen coming to life are the stuff that good Christmas legends are made of. Make your dreams into reality be recreating a sexy Snowgirl look that is sure to melt any Snowman's heart!