Creating a Vampiress Costume Look

The Vampire is a classic monster with a bit of a legendary past. In ancient days, the Vampire was created as an explanation for mysterious diseases and deaths that superstitious and uneducated people didn't understand. Creating a nocturnal monster that would come out to feast while the world was sleeping explained these bizarre events and was a way of creating a plausible reason for unexplained sickness and death. Stories of vampires expounded throughout the ages and this ancient folklore eventually became the basis of Bram Stoker's Dracula, the book that truly defined the classic Vampire for generations to come. In recent days, the character of the Vampire has gained a massive resurgence in popularity do to a rapid influx of television programs and movies that all focus on this blood sucking night stalker that survives for eternity on the blood of the living.

We've created a Vampiress makeup look that is not only sexy, glamorous, dark and gothic, but is also very easy to do with some basic makeup supplies found here at Halloween Express. Don't fret about getting that perfect makeup look to go with your Vampiress costume; with a few simple steps you are going to look amazing!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  With a damp latex foam sponge wedge (Product #: DD193), apply a thin layer of Mehron’s White Liquid Makeup (Product #: DD201) all over the face and to the neck area if desired. This makeup base is meant to be sheer, not heavy like a clown or a geisha. The point is to make your skin look pale, but not opaquely white.

Step Two:  Using Mehron’s Creamblend stick in purple (Product # DD107) and a damp sponge applicator, blend the purple color in the areas of the face that you desire shadows or dark contouring. This will give the face a bit more of a hollowed out look. Blend the purple color in around the top of the forehead, the sides of the face, under the cheekbones, and along the sides of the nose. The purple tone will enhance the paleness of the skin and create a more dramatic “undead” look, which is exactly what you are striving for.

Step Three:  Using the Glam Series Makeup Kit (Product #FW9438) and a sponge tip eye shadow applicator, apply the pink eye shadow as a base all over the eyelids, blending well.

Step Four:  Using the deeper purple eye shadow from the same eye shadow palette found in the Glam series makeup kit, contour and deepen the crease of the eye using the deep purple. Blend well. Using the black color from the same eye shadow palette, deepen the shadow even further. This will create a very dark, dramatic and very gothic look on the eyes. Blend well.

Step Five:  Using Mehron’s Detailz liner in black, (Product # DD509) line the upper lash line as well as underneath the lower lashes. If you like, extend the liner a little bit horizontally past the eye, creating an exotic and dramatic look on the eyes.

Step Six:  Using the sexy as well as glittery false eyelashes found in the same Glam Series Vampire makeup kit, carefully apply eyelash glue along the edge of the false eyelashes, wait a few seconds for the glue to begin to set up, then adhere the lash along the natural lash line. This may take some practice if you’ve never used false eyelashes before, but the effect is well worth the mastery of this technique.

Step Seven:  Using the black lipstick found in the Glam Series Vampire makeup kit, apply the lipstick with a lipstick brush as a base to the lips. It is supposed to be fairly dark.

Step Eight:  Using Mehron’s Fantasy FX makeup in Red, (Product #DD212) apply this color over the black lipstick, adding some brilliant color as well as vibrancy to the lips. Beautiful!

Step Nine:  Using Mehron’s Coagulated Blood Gel (Product #DD533) and a Q-Tip to apply, drizzle this product gently down the sides of the mouth, creating a “just fed” look for your Vampiress.

If you so desire, add some cool Vampire fangs to cover your teeth. You now have a completely amazing gothic Vampiress look! Now it’s time to go put on your favorite Vampiress costume and have some spine chilling fun playing an exciting undead character.