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How To Create A Womens Ghostbusters Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Is there something strange happening in your neighborhood? With Halloween soon upon us, there is bound to be a substantial uptick in paranormal activity just about everywhere. Never fear, however, because we know just who to call for this sort of problem--the Ghostbusters! If you are interested in recreating a costume look based on the classic 1980’s hit or the new all-girl Ghostbusters movie reboot, you’ve come to the right place. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions for a sexy makeup look that captures the fun and essence of one of the most hilariously spooky movies ever!

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One: Begin your makeup look with a clean and dry face. The first step is to apply a foundation to your face. Choose a color that matches your natural skin tone. Using a damp sponge applicator, blend the foundation onto the face. For our featured look, we have used Mehron Light Beige Cream Foundation. (#DD46)

Step Two: The next step in our Ghostbuster’s makeup look is to make up the eyes. We began our eye makeup with a gold Shadoliner applied to the eyelid area. (#DD133) Blend this color in with an eyeshadow brush or a sponge-tip applicator. We wanted to have a lot of green in our Ghostbuster makeup look, so the next step is to apply an olive green EYE Cream (#DD107) into the crease area of the eye. Blend the green color in well. If desired, apply a little of the gold color underneath the eyebrow for additional shimmer and sparkle.

Step Three: Using a green liner pencil, (#DE01) line underneath the lower lashes with the green pencil. Next using a black liner pencil (#DE01) line along the upper lash line and just underneath the lower lashes above the green liner if desired.

Step Four: Fill in the eyebrows using a liner pencil that suits your personal brow coloring. (#DE01) For our featured look, we have filled in our model’s eyebrows with a dark brown eye pencil.

Step Five: We have taken every opportunity to add glitter and sparkle to our Ghostbuster makeup look. Thus, it seemed perfectly fitting to add a pair of glitter-adorned false eyelashes to our model’s eyes. (#EA89) False eyelashes make your eyes look huge, plus this pair with a touch of glitter adds a very nice touch of shimmer.

Step Six: Next we have applied a bronze powder blush (#DD430) to our model’s cheeks for a glowing appearance that is perfect for the look that we are trying to achieve.

Step Seven: Good ghostbusting gives you plenty to smile about right? We’ve made sure our model’s smile is picture perfect with a LIP Cream in Zinnia. (#DD103) We’ve applied the creamy color with a brush and then finished the lips off with a bit of shimmering gold Glosstone lip gloss. (#DD368)

Step Eight: Dust the face with a setting powder to set the makeup for a long-lasting look. (#DD321)

Step Nine: To give our sexy Ghostbuster a sparkly, almost faux-slime look, we have applied some gorgeous opalescent glitter to her cheeks and the sides of her face. (#DE163)

Step Ten: To further emphasize the notion that our Ghostbuster has been in a bit of a kerfuffle with something straight out of the paranormal, we have used a beautiful glitter gel by Glittermark to add a few “drips” of green glitter gel to the side of our model’s face. (#DD227)

Now it’s time to get carefully dressed in your favorite Ghostbuster costume. For our very sexy Ghostbuster look, we have used the Sexy Ghostbuster Costume. (#RU888607) and accessorized the look with a pair of rugged boots. (#HAG105) Our Ghostbuster has a male ghostbusting partner who we have dressed in the Men’s Ghostbuster Costume. (#RU17387) Our Ghostbusters are on the hunt for that silly (but spooky) Marshmallow Man and a Green Slimer. The Marshmallow Man costume (#RU889832), as well as the Green Slimer Costume (#RU880487), easily inflates to a rather large size within seconds, creating a fantastic look that is absolutely hilarious.

When it comes to dealing with any out of the ordinary paranormal activity this Halloween, who are you going to call? The answer is simple. Ghostbusters!