Creating a Zombie Costume Look

Ever since George Romero's "The Night of The Living Dead," the zombie has been portrayed as a shuffling, brainless flesh-eating monster. The zombie has its roots in the Haitian religion of voodoo. The voodoo religion speaks of evil witch doctors that have the ability to cast a hideous spell on the newly deceased, allowing the dead corpses to return to life in order to fulfill the doctor's malevolent bidding. Today's zombie is even scarier because they can be anyone who has the unfortunate luck of being bitten by an infected zombie. A zombie can be the kid next door, the guy in the next cubicle...or even your own spouse!

With all the zombies that have taken over television and the movies, you'd think that we were already in the midst of a full-blown zombie apocalypse. The zombie definitely has ascended to the coveted position as the monster du jour. At first glance, creating a zombie look perhaps seems a bit daunting--after all, how in the world do you create all that peeling, oozing and bloody flesh? Creating the perfect decaying and grotesque zombie look isn't nearly as difficult as you think, in fact if you follow our simple step-by-step instructions, before you know it, you too can look like one of the walking dead.

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Apply prosthetics to a clean and dry face with spirit gum. For our featured zombie look, we have used the .38 Exit Kit appliance (#CSEZ023) and the Slashed Eye Prosthetic (#FA233). In order to most effectively apply the prosthetics, apply spirit gum (#CSAD001C) to the edges of the piece(s) that will be adhered to the skin. Tack the areas with the spirit gum gently with your finger or apply/remove the piece a couple of times in order to increase the stickiness of the spirit gum. Gently press the prosthetic(s) into place and smooth the edges flat with your finger. If any areas of the appliance(s) are lifting, apply more spirit gum as needed.

Step Two:  Using liquid latex (#DD233), brush on the latex all over the rest of the face. Let dry and apply a second coat. Take a clean cosmetic sponge and stipple in liquid latex around the edges of the appliances to blend the edges into the skin more smoothly. Let all the latex dry thoroughly. Using your fingers, gently press on the face and pull on the latex in various spots to create open pockets in the latex and a peeling effect all over the face.

Step Three:  Using a very light foundation (#DD05) such as Mehron's Extra Fair and a damp cosmetic sponge, blend the foundation over the entire face and over the sides of the appliances. Use extreme care when applying the makeup on the appliances, as you don't want to loosen them from their position on the face.

Step Four:  The rest of the zombie look will be created using the Woochie EZ FX Accessory Kit, (#CSEZ001) which conveniently has all the makeup and applicators, in addition to fake blood, that you will need to complete your zombie look. Begin with the black stippling sponge and the Corpse Yellow color makeup found in the kit. Stipple the yellow color around the edges of the appliance and onto the skin. You can use some of this color in other areas of the face if you like as well. Next using the black stippling sponge and the Bruise Red color, stipple in the red color over the top of the yellow. Lastly, using the Undead Purple color and the stippling sponge, lightly stipple in the purple color to the wound or any other areas you want to contour on the face. Using a clean white cosmetic sponge, blend in the colors you've stippled in and buff them out a little bit.

Step Five:  Using the black makeup and a cotton swab, apply the black color around the eyes; both on the top lid and underneath the eye, creating a very gaunt look for your zombie.

Step Six:  Lightly powder down the entire face and appliances, gently using a setting powder. (#DD321)

Step Seven:  Using the blood gel found in the Woochie EZ FX Accessory kit and a cotton swab, apply blood gel to all the wounds liberally and to any other areas of the face where you want blood. This looks especially cool in the center of any pockmarks or peeling areas you have created in your latex. Drizzle FX Blood (also found in the Woochie EZ FX Accessory kit from the corners of the mouth and the wounded areas.

Now it's time to carefully put on your favorite zombie costume. The best part about being a zombie is that since literally any character has the potential of becoming a zombie, there is a wide variety of costume choices that you can choose in order to pull off your look. Our zombie (once a businessman on his way to work) is wearing the Zombie Suit Costume (#DU1520). We have also featured our most favorite zombie fighter, Sherriff Rick Grimes, from the popular television series, The Walking Dead. (#RU880354) along with a gnarly looking girl zombie (#RU880356) who has been shuffling about in her pajamas, just looking for her next victim! Have fun bringing to life one of these fabulous "undead" looks for your next Halloween party!