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How To Create An Amazing Cat Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Cat Costume Look

Cats of all kinds have been around for centuries. Since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, domesticated cats have been a very popular pet as well as companion for humans. Cats are one of the most common indoor pets and are beloved not only for their cuteness and furriness, but are also practical for their ability to hunt mice or other household pests. The black cat has a long-standing association with being a witch's companion, this history going way back into history. To this day, there is a lot of superstition that surrounds the black cat, particularly around Halloween. The more ferocious varieties of the Felis Genus have roamed the wild places and ruled the jungles for even longer. Cats of all shapes, sizes and varieties continue to be one of the most classic and popular costume looks out there, whether for Halloween or any other dress up occasion.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, cats of all shapes, sizes and varieties continue to be extremely popular looks for costume dress up each and every year. If you are looking for an easy way to create a very exciting cat makeup look you've come to the right place. This cat makeup look is easy to do and is extremely versatile, working equally as well for a sleek and sexy Halloween black cat as it does for a more ferocious Lion look. Using our easy to follow step by step instructions as well as a few makeup items found at Halloween Express, you can create an amazing cat look that is simply purrrrfect!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Apply Creamblend Makeup stick with a damp sponge over your entire face. Pick a color that most closely matches your natural skin tone. Our model is wearing Soft Beige (Product #DD87). Lightly powder over the base coat with Colorset Setting Power, (Product #DD321), in order to set the makeup.

Step Two:  Using Creamblend Makeup Stick in Light Cocoa (Product #DD87) and a medium size makeup brush, add feathery contour strokes around the outside edges of the face, drawing the lines in as if they were cat hair. After you have the brown contour color finished, we will then use the Tri-Color Cat/Animal palette (Product #DD444) to finish the makeup look. Starting with the black shade and the medium sized brush, add dark lines over various places of where you have the brown contour shade. You can add a few more black feathery strokes that come in along the cheeks and then along the jaw line if you desire. After you are finished with the black, add some highlight color with the bronze shade found in the Tri-color Cat Palette. You can go as light or as heavy as you like with this, depending on how you want your cat to ultimately look. For example, if you are going to create a Lion look, you may want to go a little heavier with this bronze shade as it more closely resembles the coloration of a lion. Have fun and remember it doesn't have to be perfect! Remember to apply a light dusting of more Colorset powder once you have your "cat fur" painted on to help prevent any smudging.

Step Three:  Using the white color found in the Tri-Color Cat/Animal Palette (Product #DD444) apply the white to the upper lip area and down onto the chin. Apply two coats if you need to in order to get complete coverage. Apply this same white color down the center of the nose, avoiding the tip of the nose if possible. From the top of the nose out over the eyebrow area, create feathery strokes with the white in order to resemble cat fur. Apply more Colorset powder to set the makeup.

Step Four:  Using a black liner pencil (Product #DE02) line along the upper lash line, extending the line out just a little bit to create more of a cat eye look. Next take the pencil and beginning at the inner corner of the eye, draw a line slightly downward to create a dramatic and exotic cat eye effect near the corner of the eyes.

Step Five:  Using the Creamblend makeup stick in Lt. Cocoa (Product #DD91), contour around the white areas around the mouth. You will notice how adding this color makes the white stand out more and it really accentuates this part of the look. Be careful when doing this not to smudge your white areas!

Step Six:  Using the black color from the Tri-Color Cat/Animal palette, paint on the nose. Then, using this same black color, add this color to the lips. When finished add more Colorset Powder to set the makeup.

Step Seven:  Using Mehron's Detailz liner pen in Black (Product #DD509), line up the white areas of the nose for emphasis. Add a few whisker dots to the upper lip area and draw a few light, feathery downward strokes along the chin to create a "kitty fur" look. Add Colorset Setting powder one last time!

Now it's time to get dressed in that perfect cat look costume! We have featured two separate cat costume looks in our video to show you how amazingly versatile this makeup look can be. Our first black cat costume look has been put together using a simple black Unitard (Product #RL0072), the Cat Accessory Kit (Product #AB69, a Fur Tail (Product #BB72) and a very sexy pair of black pumps (Product #HA129). This Cat look is sexy, fierce and adorable--all rolled into one!

Our "Lion" look is created very simply with Lion Costume (Product #UA83200), which comes complete with the dress, the footwear, the arm pieces as well as the headband. This is a costume look that simply roars!

No matter what your feline adventures may entail, they can be made even better with that perfect cat makeup look. It's so easy to look absolutely purrfect!