Creating a Flapper Costume Look

The roaring twenties was a time of dramatic change when it came to women's fashion. No longer were women willing to put up with the structure and bodily confinement of corsets, bustles and long skirts. Women of the twenties desired a more boyish, almost gamine quality to their fashions, wearing much freer flowing, straighter silhouettes, not to mention shorter hemlines. (Which made all the new styles of dancing that much easier, too!) A shorter hairstyle known as the "bob" was also becoming very popular amongst this new breed of women. The Flapper, as she became affectionately known, was considered very progressive in addition to being a bit rebellious for her day and age. She wore large amounts of makeup at a time where previously only the most wanton of women did such things. She also was known to frequent establishments known as "Speakeasies", places where she enjoyed listening to new jazz music, illegal alcohol was often served and wild new styles of dances were enjoyed by the patrons. Back in her era, the Flapper was considered to be outlandish, a bit crazy and obviously very unconventional.

The Flapper has always been a costume dress up favorite, but this year with the new film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" in theaters; the Flapper look is more popular than ever. By using our complete step-by-step instructions you can easily create an authentic looking Flapper makeup look that will almost take you back in time!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Apply a make up base to the entire face with a damp sponge. The Flapper was often fairly pale, so pick a shade that is a bit lighter than you normally would wear. Our model is wearing Celebre Light Beige. (Product # DD96.)

Step Two:  Dust the entire face with Colorset Powder (Product # DD321) to set the makeup and prevent it from smudging.

Step Three:  The Flapper makeup look is infamous for a dark and smoky eye. We have accomplished this by using E.Y.E. Cream by Mehron in Jet Black. (Product #DD107) Smudge the eye color on the eyelids using a sponge tip applicator and blend well. Close eyes and lightly powder with Colorset Powder to give the shadow more staying power.

Step Four:  Using a Black eyeliner pencil, (Product # DD535) line above and below the eyelids. Do not extend the line past the corner of the eyelid. as you want to retain a rounder, larger shaped eye.

Step Five:  Apply a thin line of eyelash glue on the edge of the false eyelash. (Product # EA86) Allow the eyelash glue to begin to set up for about 30 seconds and then apply the lash along the lash line. Repeat this process on the other eye.

Step Six:  Using a damp sponge or fluffy brush, lightly add a touch of powder blush to the apples of the cheeks. We have used Celebre Rosewood. Remember that the Flapper look is quite pale so use a light touch!

Step Seven:  The traditional Flapper look has a bright red lipstick applied in the infamous "cupids bow" shape. The lip line is exaggerated on the top and bottom, creating a "cupids bow" shape. The lip line is also painted on to just fall short of the natural lip line on the sides. We have used L.I.P. Cream by Mehron in Apple Red to create our perfect Flapper style lip shape.

Now it's time to get dressed in your favorite Flapper costume. You can find many different Flapper looks right here at Halloween Express. Flapper dresses often had fringe, feathers, and were very often accessorized with headdresses, fishnet hose and long pearl necklaces. Our Flapper is simply a living doll wearing the Charleston Cutie Costume (Product # IC1069) and the Chandelle Feather Boa in black. (Product #BB182) Our male Gatsby look-a-like is wearing a swanky Tailcoat (Product # FF76822), a crisp tuxedo shirt (Product #AC303) and a matching silk bow tie. (Product # BB170)

Getting into a really spiffy costume from the 1920's is almost as fun as going back in time! Follow our easy to do instructions and you can simply create a pretty hotsy-totsy Flapper ensemble that is quite simply, the cat's pajamas!