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How To Create Costume Looks Inspired By The Presidential Candidates

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

How To Create Costume Looks Inspired by the Presidential Candidates

It’s an election year, and while you are busy trying to figure out which candidate you are going to vote for, we’ve been here trying to put together some DIY costume looks inspired by this year’s Presidential Candidates! We’re not here to tell you who to vote for in November, but when it comes to who you want to invite to your Halloween party October, we’ve got some pretty good ideas for putting together a hilarious Presidential Candidate costume look!

Here are the items we're using to create both candidates:

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a DIY Presidential Candidate Look:

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: For each of our candidate looks, we have chosen to “age” our models with special makeup effects. Here’s how to do it:

Step One: Apply a foundation to the face using a damp sponge. For our look, we have used Mehron Cream Makeup in Light Beige (#DD411).

Step Two: The next phase of the makeup application will involve “aging” the face through the use of makeup. To create the effect of wrinkles and shadows on the face, we will be using the Old Age Stack (#CSCC013), which contains all the colors you need to create a very compelling and aged look. Begin the aging process with the tan color in the old age stack. Using this tan color and a brush, apply the color onto the lines and wrinkles on the face. For our candidate looks, we have emphasized the under eye circles, the frown lines, the jowls, etc. An excellent way to “find” the best places to apply wrinkles is to scrunch up your face and use your own wrinkle lines as a guide.

Step Three: Once you are happy with the contours, lines and wrinkles you’ve applied to your face, the next step is to highlight these areas with a highlight color. This step will make the shaded areas, and wrinkles appear darker and give them more emphasis. Apply the highlight (the light yellow shade in the old age stack) just underneath the wrinkles and along the bridge of the nose and above the jowls. Experiment with the color to create the effect you want. Blend the colors gently with a sponge for a more natural appearance.

Step Four: Older folks have more pink in their skin. You can create the look of this tone by using the pink color in the old age stack. Sponge it gently on the cheek area or any other place on the face you want to add a little redness.

Step Five: If desired, using the darker brown color in the old age stack, add some “crows feet” or other stronger wrinkle lines.

Step Six: Finish off the aging makeup with a light dusting of setting powder. We have used Colorset Powder (#DD321).

Hillary Clinton Makeup:

Step Seven: Next, we have added a bit of eye makeup to our Hillary. We have used Shadoliner in a warm brown shade (#DD343) and then lined her eyes with a black liner pencil. (#DE02) The eye look is finished off with a set of false eyelashes. (#EA80)

Step Eight: Finally, add some lip color to the lips. We have used Mehron’s LIP Cream in Natural, #DD103.

Donald Trump Makeup:

Step Seven: Using a bronzing powder called Texas Dirt (#DD01) we have given Donald his signature glowing tan. With a fluffy brush and a light touch, dust the entire face with the bronzing powder. A little goes a long way! Avoid applying the bronzing powder to the area immediately around the eyes. Finish your look with more setting powder.

Step Eight: After putting on a wig cap, consider using a White Hair Color Spray (#DE15) to whiten the temple area that will show beneath your wig.

Hillary Clinton Clothing and Accessory Ideas:

To put together a fantastic Hillary Clinton look, we’ve put together a classic ensemble that is super easy for you to recreate. Consider some or all of the following pieces for your Hillary Clinton look:

  • Short Blonde Wig (For our look we have used the Short Wig #CA02)
  • A Pantsuit (For our look we have used the Gothic Coat #FF604128)
  • Sunglasses (We have used Sunglasses #RU8264)
  • Jewelry (We have used the pearl necklace/earring set #FM61808)
  • Campaign Button
  • Blackberry

Donald Trump Clothing and Accessory Ideas:

To dress our model exactly like Donald Trump, we have used a combination of costume items available here at Halloween Express and a few other accessories that are easily obtainable from other sources. Consider putting together the following items when assembling your best Donald Trump look:

  • Wig (we have used the Billionaire Wig # MR178136)
  • Black Suit (we have used the Secret Agent Black Suit Costume #FW131394) Note: the red tie, pin, and hat are not included in this costume.
  • Red Tie
  • Flag lapel pin
  • Make America Great Again Hat

Who will be our next President? Only time will tell, but no matter what your political views may be, dressing up as your favorite candidate is a timely way to add some exciting fun and humor to your next Halloween celebration!