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How To Create The Duck Dynasty Beard Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018


Reality television has been set on fire by the crazy quackers of A&E's Duck Dynasty. These bayou dwelling rednecks have their own breed of practicality as well as charm. It also goes without saying--that these guys have signature beards that are in a word, EPIC. Dressing up for Halloween as one of these unique characters is a great idea, but you have to get that Duck Dynasty style beard just right. For those of you that are facially hair challenged, in order to look like one of these ducky blokes, you have a couple of options. You can easily strap on a fake beard and that may do the job for you. For you beard overachievers out there in costume land, however, there is another option. Using crepe wool and spirit gum, you can create a beard that is not only a little bit more realistic looking, but is sure to be the talk of your Halloween festivities. For a look that will have your friends simply quacking up, follow our step-by-step instructions and you will be well on your way to that perfect Duck Dynasty iconic bearded look!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Select Crepe Wool Hair (#CB12) in a color that most closely matches the color of hair that your desired character has. In order to create our Duck Dynasty look, we have used the Crepe Wool in the Dark Grey and Medium Grey shades. You will also need Spirit Gum (#DD17) to adhere the crepe wool to the face.

Step Two:  Begin with the darkest shade of the crepe wool that you will be using if you are using more than one. Crepe wool comes tightly woven into braids. Cut off a segment of the braid in the length desired and then gently unwind the braid, pulling apart the fibers. There is a strand of twine woven into the braid; remove this from the crepe wool and discard.

Step Three:  Fluff out the crepe wool so it resembles thin strands of hair and no large clumps of hair are left stuck together. If desired, you may iron the crepe wool on a medium-high steam setting so that it is not so curly. Another option is to get the crepe wool wet and then hang the strands to dry; this will also remove some of the curl. We have chosen to leave our crepe wool in its original very curly state to maximize our beards bushiness.

Step Four:  Begin building your beard in the area underneath the center of the chin. The initial step is to apply spirit gum to the area where you will apply the first layer of crepe wool. Brush on the spirit gum and then tap on it gently with your finger. You will notice that spirit gum gets more and more tacky as you tap on it. When the spirit gum feels very sticky, take a 1 1/2" wide segment of crepe wool and cut the edge off straight on the top. Shift the fibers so that they are slightly at an angle (so more hairs will adhere to the spirit gum) and stick to the chin area where you have applied the spirit gum.

Step Five:  Continue to build up your beard in small layers up the center of the chin in this same manner, apply spirit gum and then adhering the crepe wool. Working in small sections will give you the best results, so take your time. When you get to the center of the chin just below the lower lip, cut the crepe wool at an angle on both sides so that the top piece more resembles natural hair growth.

Step Six:  Next you will want to build the sides of your beard in the same manner as you did the center of your beard, using small segments of hair and building the beard from the bottom of the jaw line up. Don't apply "beard" too high on the face as this will not look natural and will be too "Wolfman" like.

Step Seven:  Once you have completed the overall beard application, use a lighter shade going down from the sides of the mouth in order to give your beard a natural "highlight." No real beard is all one solid color; adding another shade will make your beard look more realistic.

Step Eight:  Using thin pieces that are somewhat shorter and narrower than your beard pieces were, apply mustache pieces of crepe wool to each side of the upper lip area. Do not adhere the bottom of the mustache pieces, let them hang freely, just adhere them with spirit gum at the top on the upper lip.

Step Nine:  Don't be surprised if at first glance your beard looks very untamed and bushy. You will inevitably have to trim/groom it at least a little bit to get the look just right and to make sure it's even. Use sharp scissors to trim the beard to the desired shape, using extreme caution when you are trimming next to your skin. Trim just a little bit at a time. If you notice at this time that your beard has "holes" you can add a little more crepe wool if needed. Take this opportunity to stand back, admire your work and make trims or repairs as needed.

Step Ten:  Hairspray makes a great grooming aid for your newly acquired crepe wool beard. Spray the beard (keep your eyes and mouth closed) to help keep the fibers in place.

Now it's time to don your best camouflage and get into your Duck Dynasty look. Our "Duck" is wearing the head wrap found in one of the four Crazy Quackers Beard and Hat sets, as is his more patriotic bearded buddy. (#FW90290) Our Uncle Si is wearing costume Uncle Si Costume (#IC101102) with his handy Duck Walking Cane. (#WS03) Have fun recreating these highly recognizable and very popular characters inspired by the Duck Dynasty's crazy family!