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How To Create The Mummy Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

Creating a Monstrous Mummy Costume Look

What happens when you awaken a Mummy that has been quietly sleeping in her sarcophagus for centuries? In the 2017 film “The Mummy” all kinds of bad things begin to happen when the slumber of Princess Ahmanet is disrupted. The Mummy is an exciting movie and costume looks inspired by this film are sure to be very popular this Halloween. Don’t be intimidated by all that mummy makeup. Follow our complete step-by-step instructions for a mummy look that comes together quickly and is sure to create a big stir at your next costume party!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Monstrous Mummy Costume Look:

Step One:  Apply a very light foundation to your face, neck, and chest—any areas of your skin that will be exposed underneath your costume. For our mummy look, we have used Celebre Foundation in Ivory Bisque. (#DD405) Blend this shade in with a damp sponge until you have achieved a smooth and even pale look.

Step Two:  The next step is to apply some contouring shades to add shadow and dimension to the face. Begin with Mehron Fantasy FX makeup in Zombie. (#DD485). Apply this color with a damp sponge onto the areas of the face you wish to shadow/contour, such as underneath the cheekbones, along with the sides of the nose, around the hair and jaw lines, etc. Blend in well. To deepen the shadows and create a more sunken-in effect, apply a darker shade of foundation in strategic places on the face. To accomplish this effect, we have used a foundation in Monster Grey. (#DD05)  

Step Three:  The next step is to apply shadow to the eye area to give the eyes a dark, sunken in look. Begin with an EYE Cream in Chestnut Brown, (#DD343) Blend this color onto the eyelids with a sponge tip applicator. Deepen the shadow on the eyelids by next applying an EYE Cream in Jet Black (#DD107) to the lower eyelids only. Keep the black shadow as dark as possible to up the ante on the creepy factor! Next, line the upper and lower lashlines with a black liner pencil. (#DD535)  

Step Four:  Using a black eye pencil (#DD535) fill in the eyebrows, using short, hair-like strokes.  

Step Five:  Apply a setting powder to set the makeup. It’s a good idea to close your eyes and gently powder the cream eye shadows as well to help prevent creasing. (#DD321)  

Step Six:  For extra drama in the eye area, apply a pair of false eyelashes. For our mummy look, we have used the dramatic pair of lashes from the six pair Eye lashes set. (#ALG11978). Now this mummy has a look in her eyes that shows that she means business!

Step Seven: Apply Black Lipstick (#FW9551) to the inner part of the lips, leaving the outer part mostly pale. Apply additional foundation to the lips if necessary.

Step Eight: To paint the Rune alphabet letters on the face, use Detailz Liner Pen in Black. (#DD509) It’s a good idea to have a reference photo on hand to copy. Painting these letters on your face in the mirror can be a little tricky. Holding your reference photo up to the mirror while you are painting on the letters can make this easier. Another idea is to have a friend help you do this step!

Step Nine: To blacken the teeth and give them a darkened, rotting look we have applied the Tooth FX in black (#DD220) to the teeth, To accomplish this, dry the teeth off as best as you can with a cloth or napkin. Brush the Tooth FX product onto the teeth. Let dry. To remove the product, just brush your teeth as you would normally.

Now it’s time to get into your best Mummy costume look! For our featured Mummy look, we have dressed our Mummy in our sexy yet monstrous mummy costume (#CC01366) that comes complete with dress, glovelets, headwrap and leg warmers. We have further accessorized our Mummy look with a fabulous black wig. (#MR177354).  

If nothing else, this fantastic look proves once and for all that, if you wake a woman out of a long, deep sleep, really bad things can happen! For a unique and frightening costume look that combines pop culture with one of the most classic movie monsters of all time, wrap yourself up in a fabulous Mummy look!