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How To Create The Perfect Mr Spock Costume Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018


Star Trek is one of the most infamous science fiction franchises in American history. Begun in 1966 by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek began as a television series, which eventually spun off into numerous feature films. Since its inception, Star Trek has morphed into being a modern cult favorite, with its numerous followers and fans proudly known as "trekkies" or in some circles, "trekkers". There are many opportunities for Star Trek fans, die hard or not, to get into the Star Trek action by dressing up as one of their favorite Star Trek characters.

One of the most interesting, beloved and well-known characters of Star Trek is Mr. Spock. Mr. Spock serves on the Starship Enterprise as Captain Kirk's right hand man and first officer. Spock is half human and half Vulcan, being born of his father, a Vulcan ambassador and his mother, who was a human teacher. Teased as a child for not being fully Vulcan, he struggled a bit with his identity as a youth. When Spock decided to join forces with Captain Kirk and come aboard the Starship Enterprise, his Vulcan father was unhappy with his choice, creating an ongoing rift between he and his Vulcan father. Spock has embraced much about his Vulcan heritage however, remaining largely emotionally detached and of course, is always very logical. Spock's Vulcan features are fun and very easy to recreate for an exciting costume look. Follow our complete step-by-step instructions and with a few makeup supplies found at Halloween Express you can recreate a Mr. Spock look of your very own!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Apply prosthetic ear tips to the top of the ears to create Mr. Spock's signature, Vulcan-style pointy ears. This is accomplished by applying Spirit Gum (#DD118) to the top part of the natural ears where the prosthetic ear tip will cover. Allow the spirit gum to get sticky, and then apply the ear tip to the ear, molding it around the ear and pressing down the edges as much as possible. For our Mr. Spock look we have used the large Space Ear Tips. (# CSEZ064) Apply more spirit gum as needed to get really good adhesion.

Step Two:  Apply Mask Cover (#DD301) heavily along the line between the ear tip and the natural ear, filling in the demarcation area as much as possible. Apply the mask cover makeup to the entire ear and ear tip afterward, blending it in as much as possible to create a more natural look.

Step Three:  Apply Molding putty/wax (#DD235) to the part of the natural eyebrows that you will need to block out. You can also block out the entire eyebrow if that feels easier and then re-draw it on later as you desire. Press the molding wax into the eyebrow and press it firmly to the forehead, flattening the hairs of the eyebrow and pressing them into the forehead. Some people find using the edge of a credit card helpful in flattening out the brow area with the molding wax.

Step Four:  Apply Mask Cover (#DD301) by tapping it on with a stippling motion over the area you have waxed down. Between the wax and the mask cover your eyebrow should be largely invisible where these items have been applied.

Step Five:  Using the Jumbo Pro-Pencil in black (#DD280), draw on a new eyebrow in the classic Mr. Spock Vulcan style. The eyebrow is generally drawn in at a sharp upward angle. You may want to make a small dot at your ending point as a guide so that your eyebrows end up being even on both sides when you are finished.

Step Six:  Using Shado-liner in Slate Grey, (#DD125) apply the shadow to the eyelids. The shadow should end at the sides in a sharp vertical line. Blend this shadow in very well, as you don't want the look to be too strong or look too made up.

Step Seven:  Using a sharpened liner pencil in black (#DD535), line the upper and lower eyelids as close to the lash line as possible. The idea is to add drama and emphasis to the eyes but once again, you don't want them to look too made up.

Step Eight:  After your Spock look is complete and at various intervals along the way, lightly powder your look with Colorset powder (#DD321) to set the makeup and prevent unnecessary makeup smudging.

Now it's time to carefully get your Mr. Spock costume on. Mr. Spock traditionally wears a blue jersey as his Starship Enterprise uniform. His hair is dark with his bangs combed straight down onto his forehead. Our model fortunately had hair that worked well for the traditional Spock look, but if you aren't quite so blessed, you may want to consider our hair mask (#RU68251) which will instantly turn your hair into that perfect Spock hairdo--an added bonus to this mask/hairpiece is that it has the Spock ears built right in so you won't have to apply your own! For more Star Trek costume options, visit our Star Trek costume section.

Creating a Mr. Spock look is fun and really quite easy. This exciting galactic look is perfect for Star Trek conventions or other similar events and obviously is an amazing look to recreate for Halloween. Have fun and as Mr. Spock will tell you, "Live long and prosper!"