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How To Create The Ultimate Ugly Witch Look

Jenna Maxwell May 14th 2018

How to Create the Ultimate Ugly Witch Look

When it comes to mysterious and spooky entities, the witch has long been considered a Halloween classic. The term “witch” actually comes from the word, “wicca”, which means “craft of the wise”. In the old days, long before the witch’s reputation became tarnished by rumors of darkness and devil worship, she was largely sought out as a healer. In ancient times without the luxury of modern medicine, people often sought out the help of skilled herbalists or those who were schooled in the art of using plants or natural methods to ease pain or heal various symptoms of disease or affliction. As Christianity spread throughout Europe, the male hierarchy of the church became more and more uncomfortable with the idea of female “healers” and did whatever was necessary to dissuade people from seeking out the help of these “witches”. Rumors of black magic, dark spells and devil worship instilled a great deal of fear into superstitious people to keep them away from witches altogether. 

The classic witch is often represented in folklore, legend and fairy tale as an old, decrepit and cackling old bitty with a black feline sidekick. If you are looking to recreate this classic witch look, you’ve come to the right place. With a few items found at Halloween Express, you can easily make the transformation from ordinary human into an aged, old, hag-like witch with an elongated nose and bulbous chin--not to mention a few warts!

Here are the items we're using to create this look:

Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One: Start with a clean and dry face. Prepare the witch nose and chin (#PM778172) for application first by checking the fit. Trim the prosthetics if necessary. Beginning with the chin piece, apply spirit gum around the edges of the appliance where it will adhere to the face. Press and release the appliance to the face a couple of times to increase the tackiness of the spirit gum and then press the chin into position, smoothing out the edges as much as possible. Apply more spirit gum as necessary. Repeat this entire process with the nose appliance.

Step Two: Apply liquid latex (#DD233) around the edges of both the chin and the nose to blend them into the skin more completely. A small brush works well for this process or you can use a small cosmetic sponge to stipple in the latex as well. Allow the latex to dry completely.

Step Three:  Using the yellow color found in the Tri-Color Witch Palette (#DD154) and a clean damp makeup sponge, blend this color over the entire face and neck area, including the prosthetic pieces. Use caution when applying makeup to the appliances so they don’t become loose.

Step Four:  Using a blended combination of both the green and grey colors found in the Tri-Color Witch palette, add contours and shadows to the witches face to give her a hollowed out, aged look. Focus the contouring on the areas under the cheekbones, around the edges of the face and chin, around the eyes, and along the sides of the nose, etc.

Step Five:  Deepen some of the areas of contouring by applying just the dark grey color found in the Tri-Color Witches palette. Blend in well with a makeup sponge.

Step Six: Using a sharpened black liner pencil, draw on wrinkles and lines to your witch’s face. An easy way to get accurate lines as wrinkles is to scrunch up your face in various ways and line inside these areas with the pencil. Line thickly around the eyes, in order to create a dark, smoky and tired look. Pencil in some thick and bushy-looking witch’s eyebrows.

Step Seven: After all the make up is blended in and lined to your liking, it’s very important to add a dusting of Colorset powder to set the makeup to prevent it from smudging. (#DD321)

Step Eight: Apply black lipstick to the very inside area of the lips only. This will create a very eerie looking, old lady lip.

Now it’s time to get dressed up in your favorite classic witch costume! To create our old, ugly witch, we have dressed our model in the haunting Sorceress costume, (#DG4805) which comes complete with an eyeball amulet and a very creepy hat. The witch look becomes complete when we add a ghastly Witch’s wig, (#CA08) some frightful Spider web stockings (#UA9934), a convenient for transportation Witch’s Broom (#MR122642), and of course, the most appropriate Witch’s shoes. (#HA152) Cast a haunting spell on your next Halloween with this classic and frightening Halloween look!

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