Iron Man 3

May 3rd is opening day for the latest installment of Iron Man. Iron Man 3 rings the opening bell, kicking off the summertime blockbuster movie season. This film, based on the Marvel comic book series, promises to give moviegoers plenty to get excited about. Here are a few reasons why we think you should get out and see Iron Man 3!

Robert Downey Jr.: Okay, so his acting skills are completely unsurpassed and his edgy bad boy image is kind of a turn on. Frankly, Robert Downey Jr. simply rocks this Iron man gig as he reprises his role as the billionaire playboy, Tony Stark. Who says action flicks are just for the guys? Not with this much raw machismo as well as eye candy like this. I don't even care that Gwyneth Paltrow apparently claimed that RDJ was afraid of the Iron Man suit and thus called him wimpy. He's still a complete badass in my book.ᅠ

The Story: The plotline in Iron Man 3 picks up shortly after the events that were depicted in 'The Avengers' occurred. Tony Stark clearly is deeply affected by some of these circumstances and in Iron Man 3, Tony Stark's mental state seems somewhat fragile as he teeters on the edge of having post traumatic stress induced panic attacks.

Extremis: Extremis, invented by Dr. Maya Hansen, is one of those crazy inventions we just love, love, love to see both in comic books and the films that come out of them. Basically, Extremis is a substance that once injected into someone, has the ability to help the body to regenerate itself and it promotes a turbo kind of healing that works like nobody's bizwell, most of the time anyway. Check out some of the details on Extremis here:

Costumes: Okay, around here we call them costumes, but in Iron Man 3, they are just more cool suits with groovy toys for Tony Stark, all as part of his new-fangled Iron Man get ups. There are even ways for Tony to control his suits when he himself is not actually wearing them. Interesting

Iron Patriot: The U.S. Government has given a bit of a makeover to the former alter ego of Iron Man 2, namely War Machine. There's always room for another fantastic hero, right? Decked out purposely in red, white and blue the Iron Patriot completely lives up to his name. Check out the Iron Patriot in action: