Need Help Choosing a Costume?

Let's face it.  With so many costumes to choose from for Halloween, sometimes the toughest choice is not whether or not to wear a costume, but rather how to narrow your costume selections down to that perfect one.  We understand the difficulty.  Here are some tips that may help you make a costume choice that will not only be fun but will reflect a bit of your unique personality!

Think Back to Class.  Remember a few years back when you were in history class?  Perhaps it's a fond memory, perhaps not so much.  In any case, we're betting that there was one era in history that fascinated you above all the rest. Maybe you even daydreamed about what it might be like to live in that particular historical time period.  Halloween offers a unique opportunity for history fans, lighthearted and die-hard alike.  Dressing up in a costume that is a replica of clothing worn in a different era is a fantastic way to get into a little bit of history.  Research your historical character a little bit while you're at it—if you weren't paying attention back in class, take this opportunity to learn something new! 

Television and Movies.  An easy way to go when choosing a Halloween Costume is just to ask yourself which television and movie characters are your favorites.  Since you already are a fan of a particular character, taking the next step to dress up and temporarily "become" that character is a natural progression.  There's a good chance you already know the best lines as well as the personality characteristics of your pick because you are a big fan.  With literally hundreds of television and movie character costumes to choose from, Halloween Express is your go-to source for costume looks straight from the big or small screen! 

What Scares You?  Halloween is an excellent time for good-natured scares and thrills.  Perhaps this is the year for you to try out one of Halloween's scarier character looks.  These spooky Halloween costumes are considered to be the most traditional of Halloween looks.  Witches, vampires, werewolves, ghouls, and monsters of every kind are a classic Halloween costume choice. Face your fears by trying one of these frightful looks!

Relive Your Childhood.  When it comes to Halloween, there is probably nothing more exciting than to relive a bit of your youth. Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate, have fun and enjoy feeling young again.  A vintage character that you remember from your childhood is a great choice, or if you like, you can dress up in an outfit reflective of your chosen decade 's clothing style.  From the roaring twenties to those crazy eighties, a retro look is a popular Halloween choice! 

Go With the Crowd.  One of the coolest trends in Halloween costuming is to dress up as a group following a particular costume theme. With any genre of costume you like, dressing up as a group is sure to multiply your fun exponentially.  Group costumes are fantastic because not only do you have your own unique costume to wear, but since all the costumes in your group are coordinated, they all go together in an impactful way. Trust us on this—group costumes are serious Halloween fun!

What will you be for Halloween?  With hundreds of costumes and accessories to choose from, Halloween Express is your obvious choice for all your Halloween costume needs.