April ShowersWe haveᅠall heard the children's verse that goes like this, 'April showers bring May flowers.'ᅠHey, I want flowers and green things blooming in the springtime just like everyone else does, but sometimes, day after day of rain can make the kids start to bounce off the walls a little! When the kids are dying to get outside, but Mother Nature has other plans, (like conjuring up spring flowers, of course) here are some great ideas to keep the kids from going completely stir crazy!ᅠ

Get Out And Get In it! We've all heard the saying, 'When you can't beat them, join them!' Well, the same goes for rain. If you've got the proper gear, a little rain can be fun for kids to play in. (Big kids, too!) Put on slickers, galoshes, grab an umbrella and head out to do a little good time puddle jumping! ᅠNeed a hands-free headgear alternative? A super silly, but uber rain-friendly umbrella hat is a fun option for anyone who wants to play in the rain but still leave their hands free to do other stuff. Plus, this hat is just plain silly which adds to the fun of playing in the rain.

ᅠMake A Production Out Of It! Haul out those old Halloween costumes and accessories from last year and put your kids to work on some fun at-home theatrics. They can create and act out a play or homemade production of their own design. When they put their minds to it, you would be amazed at how creative, dramatic, humorous and innovative kids can be. This activity will also potentially keep them busy for hours! Your kids can invite the other kids in the neighborhood to see the finished show when it's ready for opening. Younger kids will have fun just 'dressing up' in the old costumes and getting into various characters by acting them out.ᅠ

You Can Do Magic! Teach your kids some simple card tricks or other easy to learn magic. Kids are absolutely fascinated by anything to do with magic. Learning the behind the scenes magician's secrets is something they will really get into while at the same time they will be amazing, astonishing and impressing their friends. Simple magic tricks or illusions are really quite easy to learn. When your kids have enough tricks up their sleeve for a whole magic show you can gear them up with a magician's costume and other cool magic accessories that will add some professional polish to their magic act.

Search Fer Ye Pirate Booty! Kids love to play and pretend anything that has to do with pirates. It's fun to get into pirate costumes and even more fun to try out a little of the pirate lingo in their playtime conversation. Hide some pirate treasure (play coins, play jewelry) etc. around the house for your kids to find. If you are really into this, you can even create a pirate's treasure map to guide them straight to the loot! They will have a blast trying to figure the pirate mystery out!

Bring The Sunshine IN! Who says you can't bring a little island flavor indoors on a rainy day? Plan to have an indoor Hawaiian luau, right smack in your living room. Decorate your space with palm tree cutouts and other island themed décor. Dress for your luau in leis, grass skirtsand Hawaiian shirts. Rain? What rain? You and your kids will feel like you are on a tropical vacation! (Well, almost...)

Rainy days don't have to spell disaster, nor do they need to put a damper on your children's good times. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, a rainy day could very easily be your best day!ᅠ