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Ready To Be A Halloween Hero

Jenna Maxwell Oct 16th 2017

With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, you are undoubtedly in full gear making your Halloween preparations and getting ready for the big day. Don't wimp out now--why not make this Halloween the best one ever by being a trick-or-treater's true hero? Here are some great tips for taking your Halloween to the next level.

Decorate. It's never too late to decorate for Halloween--even if that means you are putting up your Halloween decor at the eleventh hour. Transform your exterior into a deadly yard with tombstones, bats and a variety of ghoulish props. Don't forget to add a few well-placed faux spiders and spider webs--these are sure to give your Halloween guests a severe case of the heebie-jeebies!

Light the Way. There is no better way to set the mood for Halloween night than with spooky lighting. Not only will your home have an eerie glow--but also lighting is essential to help trick-or-treaters safely find your door. Luminaries, lanterns, string lights, decorative pathway lights, and more--these are simple additions to your yard that are sure to make a spooky difference!

Don't Forget Jack. A Halloween classic, carving and decorating with Jack O Lanterns is a time-honored tradition! Buy your Halloween pumpkins now and keep them in a cool and dry place until you are ready to carve them. Don't carve your pumpkins too early--the night before Halloween is perfect because if you cut them too soon, your Jack's may already be starting to rot on Halloween night.

Contain Fido. Once you have your home decorated and ready, it's time to consider how your pets might respond to Halloween night and an influx of visitors dressed up in a wide variety of costumes. Halloween night can be a little overwhelming for some pets, particularly those that are triggered or excited by the doorbell ringing. For the safety of your guests and for Fido's sake as well, make sure your pets are safe, sound and if necessary, put away when your guests begin to arrive.

Candy Counts. Let's face it--there are certain types of trick or treat candy that kids love--and other kinds that kids typically don't like at all. Now is not the time to cheap out--if you are participating in the Halloween festivities, try your best to be a real Halloween hero by providing great trick or treat candy. What not to buy? Candy to avoid includes Starlight mints, circus peanuts, Necco wafers, hard strawberry candy or any non-candy items like raisins and toothbrushes. Now is not the time to make a healthy lifestyle statement, so just stick with traditional candy, please.

Dress Up! Just because you are the one in the house doling out candy to trick-or-treaters, doesn't mean you can't wear a Halloween costume yourself. Imagine the delight of your guests when you greet them in full costume regalia! There is just no better way to get into the spirit of Halloween fun than by wearing a costume--trust us on this point, we are definitely the experts!

Don't Judge. Every year there is that one kid that comes to your door that looks a little too old for trick-or-treating--and maybe his or her costume (if there is one) is questionable or even non-existent. Now is not the time to be the Halloween police-just give that kid candy like all the rest without comment and move on.

Be Attentive. Halloween night is supposed to be fun--but nothing could ruin it faster than an unfortunate accident or mishap. Extra awareness on Halloween night is essential, particularly if you plan to go out in your car. Be mindful of the fact that kids will be out and about on dark streets and watch for them--you can't necessarily count on them to watch out for you.

You've got this! Do trick-or-treating like a boss! Happy Halloween from your friends at Halloween Express.