Let's face it.  When it comes to enjoying the most thrilling type of scary activities, Halloween reigns supreme.  Halloween will always be the officially sanctioned time to embrace the most fun of the frights out there—it's what Halloween is all about.  Now that the Halloween season is upon us, make your plan now to enjoy it to the fullest.  Here is our list of the top 10 ways to get scared (on purpose) this Halloween!

10 Strategies for a Very Scary HalloweenDecor.  Have you decorated your home for Halloween yet?  Halloween decorations are a surefire way to spookify your surroundings.  Even the simplest Halloween decorating items can create an eerie vibe.  For example, simple touches like a few well-placed faux spider webs and some creepy lighting are great ways to get started.  Jack-O-Lanterns are always a Halloween staple but don't stop there.  These days, your local Halloween retailer stocks all manner of Halloween decorations, including unbelievably realistic animated props, airblown inflatables—and every possible faux ghoul or monster.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to use Halloween decor to really get into the spirit of Halloween!

Costumes. Dressing up as a scarier character for Halloween is one of our favorite ways to get into a spooky Halloween mood.  With so many rather monstrous character costumes to choose from, dressing up in an awesome Halloween costume is a great way to get into a super scary, bone-chilling mood! 

Haunted Venues.  One of the best ways to really get scared on purpose is to grab your friends and head out to a local Halloween haunted venue.  Every year about this time, all sorts of haunted houses, spook allies, haunted cornfields, and panic-inducing mazes pop up in communities across the nation.  Don't miss out on all the terrifying fun!

Scary Movies.  We love scary movies, and we're guessing that you do too!  The Halloween season is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite thrillers, slasher films, and suspense-filled horror flicks.  Local theaters will have plenty of scary options to choose from if you feel like going out to the movies.  If you'd rather stay home, pop some popcorn, turn off the lights, turn up the volume and binge-watch your favorite horror flicks right in your own living room.  We suggest you keep a blanket handy in case you need to hide your eyes! 

Ghost Stories.  Don't miss the opportunity this Halloween to get together with your friends to tell a few ghost stories.  Create a spooky ambiance by turning off all the lights or gathering around a bonfire.  Have your friends or family members take turns telling their favorite sinister tales.  Don't forget to use your creepiest, whispering voices as you tell your best scary stories!

Spooky Walk.  One of the hands-down scariest ways to really get freaked out and scared for Halloween is to take a walk outdoors in the dark.  Pick a location that you know well during the daytime. (You don't want to get lost!)  It's shocking how even the most innocuous places can be ridiculously scary at nighttime when it's dark.  For an extra chilling thrill, try an evening walk in a forest or a cemetery. 

Real Events.  Sometimes the scariest things of all can be actual life events!  Take some time to read about or research some of the more frightening things from the headlines.  Check out YouTube for videos on subjects that may interest you the most.

Halloween Party.  Halloween parties are a great way to combine fun with scary.  Invite your friends over for a Halloween party.  Choose a spooky theme if you want, such as a mad scientist party or a murder mystery party.  Hold a creepy scavenger hunt if you like and by all means, have lots of Halloween-themed food and drinks on hand for your friends to enjoy. 

Be a Scare-actor.  Your local theme park or haunted venue may be hiring seasonal employees.  Perhaps you might be interested in what it's like to be on the other side of all those Halloween scares!  If dressing up as a Halloween ghoul or goblin and scaring people sounds like fun, check out one of these exciting opportunities!

Read a Scary Book.  The Halloween season is the perfect time to read a good horror story or murder mystery.  Load up your Kindle up with a terrifying tale or two and curl up with a good book!