Halloween 2018

Alright, we know that TECHNICALLY it is still summer.  But once the calendar turns over to September, in these parts we are officially in full Halloween mode--and we could not be more excited.  There are many holidays celebrated by the masses throughout the year, but to us (and perhaps to you) there is nothing that compares to Halloween!  Halloween is the favorite event of the year for many, and with good reason.  What's to love about Halloween? Everything!  Here are a few of our favorite reasons to get excited about Halloween!

Halloween 2018 is Here!Parties.  The Halloween party has rapidly become one of the most revered events on the holiday calendar.  Each year during the Halloween season, Halloween parties are held for all ages.  From kids to adults, there is nary a soul that doesn't enjoy getting dressed up in a costume and celebrating with friends and family.  Speaking of your Halloween party, did you know that Halloween Express is here to help you plan the best event ever?  With literally hundreds of Halloween decor items as well as accessories and party supplies, Halloween Express can literally be your one-stop shopping place for everything you need.  Why not start planning your Halloween party now and get ready to carve out some good times! 

Fall and Harvest Events.  Every autumn, communities around the globe celebrate the harvest season with all manner of celebratory events.  Not only is your locality likely to be holding various activities, but you are also going to find local pumpkin patches, hayrides, carnivals, haunted houses and spooky alleys--all set up for you and your family to have some serious fall fun!  Check your community calendar for your local events and don't miss out on the fun! 

Movies.  Get ready for it, because every fall a whole brand new batch of scary movies will be hitting the theaters, just in time to get you into a spine-chilling, scared to death, mood!  Be afraid--be very afraid--because this year's fall movie line up looks absolutely terrifying.  This year's fall horror films include a reboot of the popular classic, "Halloween"! 40 years later, Laurie Strode once again comes face to face with the notorious Michael Myers!  Yikes! 

Costumes.  Cue the drum roll, because the 2018 costumes are here!  To say that our costume collection is huge is an understatement.  With more fabulous costumes than ever before, we can offer up many costume choices that it might make your head spin a little.  With so many costume ideas that you probably had not even considered, your imagination is sure to go completely wild as you try and narrow your costume choices down to one or two, perhaps even three. 

Get ready for the best Halloween season ever!