Whenever Halloween falls on a weekday, it can create a bit of a dilemma.  Many times, Halloween parties will be held on the weekend before the 31st, so if you are too old to trick or treat, it leaves the actual Halloween holiday (this year on Wednesday) without a lot of fanfare.  A boring Halloween does not have to be in the cards, however.  Trick or treating aside, there are plenty of fun ways to get into the spirit of Halloween that won't get you any weird looks from the neighbors.

Murder Mystery Dinner or Escape Room:  What better way to celebrate Halloween than a night out having a little bit of spooky adventure?  Murder mystery dinners and escape rooms are events that are popping up all over the country in major cities.  Halloween night is the perfect night to experience one of these exciting interactive events!

Graveyard Stroll: This might be a little bit scary for some folks, but if you are feeling brave and are looking for a Halloween activity that will surely give you the creeps, why not take a walk through your local cemetery?  Find a dark graveyard and just take a respectful walk through it, noticing all the sights and sounds that are found within. After dark, your sensory experience is sure to be exaggerated!  Every breeze, every sound, every shadow, every footstep is sure to send your heart racing.  Please stay on the walkways in the cemetery and don't walk near the headstones at night.

Halloween Campire or Bonfire:  Find a safe designated place to build a campfire.  Dress warmly and prepare for the perfect spooky Halloween activity!  Make gooey s'mores, sip hot cocoa and tell scary ghost stories!  This is a simple idea, but you can bet that a Halloween bonfire will be an event you and your friends will remember!

Decorate Cookies or Cupcakes:  The Internet is packed with fun ideas for making and decorating Halloween treats. Find a few fun Halloween themed recipes and get baking!  This would be a particularly fun idea if you were going to stay home anyway to pass out candy to trick or treaters.  Be sure to share your baked creations with your favorite friends and neighbors.

Go on a Hay Ride:  Do you know someone with a tractor?  Halloween is the perfect time to plan an autumn hayride!  For an even more exciting twist, invite your friends to wear their Halloween costumes while on the ride.  Take the scenic route through dark country roads or even through paved areas of a local cemetery if possible.  Don't forget to bring along a thermos of piping hot apple cider!

Borrow a Kid:  If you are lucky enough to have friends or relatives that have kids that are trick or treating, ask if you can come along and "help" with the supervision of the troops.  It's enjoyable to be out and about on Halloween night.  Not only can you see all the neighborhood kids in their costumes, but let's face it, what is more fun than trick or treating on Halloween night?  You will get extra credit for wearing your own Halloween costume while you are out. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate our favorite holiday, Happy Halloween from all your friends at Halloween Express!