Halloween CostumesWe've waited all year for this, and (YAY!) the Halloween season is finally here.  Here at Halloween Express, we are sincere, totally die-hard Halloween aficionados. We will make the case anytime, anyplace that Halloween is the best holiday of the year. Here are our top ten reasons why Halloween is the absolute greatest! 

1.    Participation at any level.  It is super easy to participate in Halloween celebrating.  Whether you are a Halloween enthusiast or more of a Halloween lightweight, getting into Halloween fun is easy.  We all know folks who are 100% all-in when it comes to Halloween.  From the Halloween decorations to a lively Halloween party, these are the real devotees.  Even if you are a little less committed, there is no reason why you can't have some Halloween thrills of your own on a smaller scale.  Pass out candy to trick or treaters.  Wear a Halloween themed t-shirt.  Carve a pumpkin.  You can always choose how much or how little you want to celebrate, but of course, we suggest you do as much "Halloween" as humanly possible!

2.   Fun-Sized Candy.  Come Halloween time your local store's aisles will be filled with scaled-down versions your favorite candies.  Obviously, these smaller sizes are created for convenient passing out to rabid trick or treaters.  But let's get real.  These smaller treats are also fun for us big people to munch on any old time—without all the guilt of a more significant indulgence. Let's face it, they don't call it "fun-size" for nothing!

3.  Fun for ALL ages.  Halloween is fun for everyone from little kids to grown-up adults.  Little kids love getting dressed up in costumes and heading out to go trick or treating.  Adults also have fun dressing up in costumes, enjoying celebrating Halloween at parties and other events. Families, groups of friends, couples, singles—Halloween offers something for everyone at every age.  Some folks will even get their pets into Halloween by dressing their furry friends up in pet costumes!

4.  Spooky Venues, Movies & Music:  There are lots of ways to have some serious Halloween fun without getting into a costume.  Come the Halloween season, scary movies will be showing at your local theatre or via streaming video. Halloween music playlists will show up on your favorite music channels.  Haunted houses, spook alleys, and other spooky Halloween venues will be popping up everywhere.

5. Decorations.  Halloween decorations are simply the BEST!  Brightly colored pumpkins, creepy skeletons and ghouls, eerie tombstones, and sticky cobwebs—all this stuff is just so awesome!

6. Creative Opportunities!  If you've been looking for a way to channel your inner creativity, Halloween offers up the perfect excuse to channel some of that ingenuity into a fantastic, creative DIY costume.  DIY costumes are a great way to show off all that clever originality!

7.  Parties, Parties, Parties!  What would Halloween be without the proverbial Halloween party?  Get that perfect Halloween costume and head to a party with your friends or family, it's the ideal Halloween tradition!

8.  Pumpkin Everything! It's become a little bit of a cliche, but Halloween is now associated with pumpkin or pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.  There is a good reason for this trend.  Pumpkin spice smells and tastes sooooo good!  The pleasant smell of pumpkin spice also brings back fond memories of Halloween past—and that is always a good thing.

9.  Be What You Want to Be!  Halloween offers a great opportunity when it comes to dressing up in a Halloween costume. Have you always wanted to be an astronaut?  On Halloween, you can be an astronaut.  Have you ever wanted to be a ballerina?  On Halloween, you can adopt that persona as well, even if you are a rather large, hairy man.  No matter what you can dream up costume-wise, on Halloween, you can make it your reality, even if it's only for an evening!

10. Costumes!  Of all the spectacular things that Halloween brings, we firmly believe that there is nothing more critical (or fun) than a great Halloween costume.  From infants and toddlers to adults, plus-size folks and pets—we have Halloween costumes for EVERYONE.  Make this Halloween your best ever by getting into that perfect costume that suits you to a tee.