There's something completely magical that happens when the calendar changes over to April. Yes, April means that it is officially time to pack winter away until next year. But April also brings with it many fun and exciting things that you are definitely going to look forward to. It's absolutely time to start filling up your calendar and let the good times roll!ᅠ

Nurture Nature: April is the first full month of springtime, so for many, it's the first chance to really embrace all that's good about what can be a glorious season filled with freshness, new life, and a whole lot more sunshine! (And perhaps just a few April showers) April is a great time to spruce up your yard, plant a veggie garden and enjoy the still cooler, sunny days. There are even a couple of cool nature-oriented holidays in April that you will not want to miss out on:

  • April 22nd-Earth Day-Earth Day was designed to rekindle awareness of the environment and the ways in which each of us can help to protect our natural resources. You can get into Earth Day by going to an Earth Day festival near you, or just take the time to get educated and do something as simple as planting a garden.ᅠ
  • April 27th-Arbor Day-Arbor Day is a special and unique holiday designed for the specific purpose of tree planting. You can celebrate Arbor Day in many ways, including of course, the most obvious one--planting a tree! Other ideas? Go on a hike and learn about trees that are indigenous to your area, or there's lots to read to your kids about trees.ᅠ

April Silly Stuff: April starts off with April Fools' Day--the officially sanctioned holiday on which it is approved (or even encouraged) to play pranks or mischievous tricks on your friends. What you may not know is that April has a few other lesser known special days that although may seem a little strange, you may want to participate in!

  • April 6th-International Pillow Fight Day-You think I am making this up, don't you? On April 6th, believe it or not there will be organized pillow fighting throughout the world.
  • April 16th-National Wear Pajamas To Work Day- You know you've always wanted to do it, now here's the perfect excuse to wear your pajamas to work and slave the day away in your jammies and slippers--with coffee and a doughnut nearby! This might be your most productive workday ever--unless you take it way too seriously and spend the day half-dozing.ᅠFull details here: http://www.nationalwearyourpajamastoworkday.com
  • April 20th-Husband Appreciation Day-You might not have even known that this day existed, which demonstrates all the more why it may be needed. Show your hubby how much you love and appreciate him!ᅠ
  • April 20th-Record Store Day- Yes, there is a holiday for this and since it ironically falls in conjunction with Husband Appreciation Day, are you thinking what I am thinking? Great possibilities here! Additionally, there may be some kids out there in today's day of instantaneous music downloads who don't even know what a record store is. For this reason, the record store itself might make a great field trip. More info here: http://www.recordstoreday.com/home

April--Just Plain Cool!

  • Mud Runs or Obstacle Course Races-These exciting and fun-filled races are popping up all over the nation. These events are filled with military-style obstacles, ginormous mud puddles, and frequently have lots and lots of water involved. You may get dirty--very, very dirty, in fact, but it's all in the name of good fun. Many folks do these races as part of a team, sometimes dressing their team up in crazy costumes, accessories or even hats as they run the race, adding to the team spirit. I actually did one of these mud runs last year and literally ran side by side with a whole pack of Village People look-alikes. It was the most filthy, dirty, insane good time, ever.ᅠᅠ
  • Music Festivals-April starts music festival and concert season. One of the most infamous music and art festivals is Coachella, which runs April 12-14. Several stages will be set up with continual live music throughout the event. Coachella (and other music festivals) are however, about much more than music. These events highlight fashion as well. Things you may want to consider for your music festival experience: Glow in the dark anything, face and body paints, tie-dye shirts, and other various hippie styled accessories. Other music festivals are known to embrace the quirky, vintage-innovative Steampunk style fashions. Don't leave home without the right gear!
  • Baseball Season-Let us not forget that April brings with it the opening of baseball season. ᅠFrom the best tasting hot dogs you've ever had, to that blessed sounding 'smack' of bat meeting ball--there's nothing like baseball. You just can't beat it for springtime sports fun, as it will always be considered the greatest All-American game.ᅠ