Top 10 Halloween Mistakes

Everyone knows that Halloween is supposed to be fun.  Nothing gets in the way of a good time better than a careless Halloween mistake, error, faux pas or blunder.  Since after all, we are the Halloween experts—we're here to help you avert any potential Halloween disasters so you can have the most enjoyable Halloween celebration ever. 

Procrastinating Buying Your Halloween Costume.  Remember last year in late October when you promised yourself you'd plan and buy your Halloween costume earlier next year?  Well, folks, that means NOW.  There is no time like the present to find that perfect costume character that is sure to impress all your friends.  Better yet, why not plan a group costume theme with your family or friends. There's still time to score those most popular costume styles if you act quickly. 

Failing to Plan Costume Accessories.  It's happened to all of us.  We have a costume, but it isn't until getting ready on Halloween night that we realize that we need some pretty essential accessories to pull off the look.  Wigs, capes, gloves, play weapons, shoes, makeup, and hats—these are just some of the very critical costume items that often get forgotten—but you will definitely need to complete your costume.  Save yourself that last minute panic and score all those accessories now. 

Know Your Halloween Audience. Halloween is a holiday that is enjoyed by all ages in many different circumstances.  It's imperative that you understand how you will be celebrating, who will be in attendance and plan accordingly.  For example, if you are wearing a costume in the workplace on Halloween, you will want to make sure your look is work-appropriate and that you are able to do your job while in your costume.  On another note, if you are going to be around super young children, you might avoid costumes that are overly scary. 

No Halloween Decorations.  Don't be that boring house that doesn't look like serious Halloween fun!  With Halloween decor so readily available and straightforward to set up, it's easy to make your home look a little more haunted this Halloween. 

Failing to Feed Your Kids Before Trick or Treating. Kids are so excited to get into their costumes and head out for trick or treating that sometimes they don't have time to eat a proper meal first. Eventually, hunger is going to set in, and with a bag full of candy handy, children might be tempted to dig into an uninspected trick or treat bag and fill up on Halloween treats.  Make sure your child eats a simple, healthy meal before you hit the streets.

Failing to Make Your Home Safe. On Halloween, your home is likely going to have a steady stream of young guests seeking candy.  Make sure your front walkway is well lit and free from any obstacles that may impede or block foot traffic.  Don't put any Halloween decor items anyplace that may cause someone to trip and fall on them.  Put your pets away, so they don't get out or bother your guests. 

Failing to Buy Enough Halloween Candy.  Make sure you have enough trick or treat candy to get through the night. Running out of candy is not only embarrassing, but it's also disappointing to the children who may come to your home.  If you aren't sure how much candy to buy, talk to your seasoned neighbors about what to expect as far as quantity of visitors goes. It is better to buy a little extra Halloween candy than to run out. 

Buying BAD Halloween Treats.  It happens every year.  A well-meaning person gives out toothbrushes or some non-candy item to disappointed trick or treaters, thinking that kids need to have something "good" to balance all that sugar.  Halloween is not the time to rebel this way—so don't be tempted to be that person.  Also, stick to wrapped candy.  Any baked goods or non-wrapped items are very likely to be tossed by careful parents.  

Criticizing Halloween Guests.  Every year there's that one kid that comes to your door that perhaps looks a bit too old to be trick or treating—or doesn't have a costume on at all.  Don't be tempted to be the Halloween police.  Kids are out having fun, and this is their time to do it, so just keep your judgments to yourself.

No Halloween Costume.  Whether it's your neighborhood Halloween party or an optional dress up day at work, don't be the dud that doesn't show up in a costume.  Even if you are home passing out candy to trick or treaters, wearing a costume will get you tons of extra credit. Costumes are what Halloween is all about and is what makes Halloween fun.  Don't deny yourself one of the simple joys of Halloween!